Thursday, 25 August 2016

PanOceania Nisses

The next finished model for my PanOceania faction. I really like this model (who doesn't like a cool cyber-sniper). He performs well in games too, which always helps!

I had a bit of indecision about what colour to go for with his trench coat, but in the end I chose a sort of pale grey off-white colour. It seemed to fit well and while I had originally thought of doing it red, it seemed a bit too garish and I wanted the focus to mostly be on the armour.

Again, I've been trying to emulate Angel's style here; going for a sort of blended NMM/Ceramic type look. It seems to be working out, but that guy just makes it look so easy and gets such clean results. I can only dream....


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    1. Thanks Greg. I used Vallejo paints, "Dark Prussian Blue", a mix with "Blue Green" and then some white at the end. If you like them stay tuned as I have a few more models that I'm posting up soon.