Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How to Paint Age of Sigmar Khorne Bloodbound

I've recently been painting the Age of Sigmar starter set for my local games store. I designed this method to get the best results with the minimum amount of effort, as the models aren't mine to keep, but I still wanted the forces to look good on display. With this in mind I've used a limited number of colours to create a good look without spending too much time on every model.

The Method

1) Build the models and undercoat with Chaos Black Spray. I didn't take a photo of this stage as it seemed a little pointless.

2) Basecoat with a thin and even layer of Khorne Red. Really don't worry too much about where the paint is going at this stage, just get an even coat that won't obscure the details.

Basecoat with a big brush - It'll save you time! (just make sure the paint is still thin and doesn't obscure any detail!)

3) The next step is to add a highlight to the red panels of his armour with Evil Sunz Scarlet (Blood Red). I had some trouble getting a decent picture of this stage, but it is quite obvious if you look at the knee armour. The basic idea is to draw a thin line around the edge of the armour plates where the red will meet the brass details.

4) With the red armour done the next step is to basecoat the rest of the model. I've painted the following colours:

  • Silver metals (axe head, chainmail etc.) - Leadbelcher (Boltgun Metal)
  • Brass areas (trim) - Brass Scorpion (always give this paint a good shake as it tends to separate out)
  • Skin and skulls - Rakarth Flesh
  • Black areas (straps, belts, boots, axe haft) - Abaddon Black (Chaos Black)

5) Wash the entire model with Rhinox Hide. I used quite a thick dilution of about one part paint to 3 parts water. At this stage it is important to make sure it doesn't pool on any of the flat areas as it will leave a stain. Most of the wash should go in the recesses. Again I had a bit of trouble getting a good picture of this stage, but it actually makes a lot of difference in terms of making the model look complete. If you're going for a basic table-top standard, you could just base them now and they'd still look good.

6) Now it's time to add the final details that will really make this paint job pop. I did a quick highlight on the model as follows:

  • Silver areas - Runefang Steel (Mythril Silver) edge highlight.
  • Brass areas - Runefang Steel (Mythril Silver) edge highlight.
  • Black areas - Dawnstone (Codex Grey) highlight.
  • Skin and skulls - Pallid Wych flesh highlight.
  • Eyes - I painted the eyes with Warpstone Glow and highlighted with a dot of Moot Green.

And that really is it. Base to taste and you're done.

For mine I painted their bases in Dawnstone and gave them a wash of 50/50 Rhinox Hide and Abaddon Black. I then drybrushed the sand with Rakarth flesh followed by Ceramite White. I then edged the bases with Dryad Bark before adding a dab or 2 of snow flock to match the rest of the force.