Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Salamanders Assault Squad

Some more bodies to throw on the field. This time I've been working on my Salamanders Assault Marines. I actually built these using Death Company parts as I had them spare from the Shield of Baal box set from a while ago. It did take some time to remove the more obvious symbols and stuff, but the models are really nice and detailed. 

Armament wise I went with the flamer (obvious choice for Salamanders) and a power axe for the Sergeant. They're also on the modern bigger marine bases, which look great on jump troops as the models are bulkier and they're nice and stable too (given that the packs can make them a bit top heavy). GW do seem to have become obsessed though with the big bases lately - I know they look nice, but does everything in Age of Sigmar really need one?


  1. Too bad I'm still having problems with the Blog Exchanges, so nobody saw these (it might be up now, but about 4 hours late, so it's already disappeared off the page!)