Saturday, 21 May 2016

FPM Method 2 - Zombie Horde Speed Painting

I previously posted about my FPM method of painting to get the absolute maximum results with little to no time or effort. Behold the fruits of a single night of painting!

These models were slightly more complex as they for the most part have clothes on, but the method was exactly the same. I did swap the drybrush for a quick highlight as it suits the smoother texture of their skin better. It's gonna be a good time when these get on the battlefield!

The models are Kings of War zombies with a few others from Sedition Wars and Deadzone thrown in (all of which are available for very reasonable prices).

If you missed the first part of this article featuring the painting method and the mighty Fruit Punch Mouth himself you can find it Here.

FPM Method

Itchy ... Tasty

Someone call Barry Burton, I'm being overrun ... no, wait, they're going for the fruit punch again...

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