Saturday, 31 December 2016

Resin Anime Figure Part 4 - Assembly

How's that for an update!

Thankfully, I finally got to the stage where I could start putting her together. I did a bit more airbrush work over the Christmas Holiday - mainly painting up the hair, the base, and the capes/flames. It was a big batch of stuff to do that took a lot of coats of paint in the end. I was a bit undecided whether to start sticking her together, but after a bit of indecision I decided to just go for it - with the thought that either way it was going to be hard to paint up the remaining details. The one part that was a real struggle was the shoulder armour, as I had to paint the whole thing assembled and she is getting rather spindly and difficult to handle at this point. It was pretty funny to work on though as I was painting her at the same time as my brother was working on his Bio Titan (see my Christmas Post for more on that one) and we were both at weird angles trying to paint round corners. It was like a lesson in how to paint unsteadily with bad posture.

I really like the cape/flames thing going on here. It was a lot of individual bits to do, but the effect is quite cool.

Oddly, one of the other things I had difficulty with was the base. Not because of the detail so much as it was that the thing is so smooth and large that the colour had to be applied really evenly as any uneven bits looked absolutely terrible. I tried to varnish the thing at first, but it didn't work and came out really blotchy. I ended up going over it with a few coats of dark grey with the airbrush to even things out again. It seems strange, but it really was unlike painting anything I've ever had the need to do for 40k or any game system.

At the moment, I'm thinking that the Red looks a little too strong, but I think a lot of it will be blocked when I get her weapons on. They'll also be a source of a lot of black and marble colours, so it'll reinforce the look of the whole thing and strengthen up the scheme a bit. Likewise, I was a bit unsure of what colour to do her hair when I started working on it, but after about a dozen coats of various browns, I settled on something that had a bit of red to it as well as some lighter tones. I didn't want to make it too stark and risk overshadowing the whole piece.

The other thing I need to work on is the gap between her two hair sections. At this stage, I think the best thing to do will probably be to fill it and then paint it in by hand. I have no idea how I'll get a colour match though! I think it'll be a job for a lot of layers of thin paint to get a smooth blend, although maybe I'll be able to sculpt some detail into the gap that'll help it mesh. I guess we'll see. I also need to finish painting the horns.

Well, that about sums up the progress for the minute. I'm happy so far, but this is turning into a real project and there's still a long way to go till the finish line. I reckon one or two more posts to go till the end (like maybe one per lance, and a final roundup). It's a strange thing though - I feel like I'm looking at someone else's hobby from the outside and it can be surprising what a steep learning curve it causes. Then again, that was kind of the point at the outset; so I'm calling it mission accomplished so far.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Space Adventure Bravo - Chapter 1, Wormhole Patrol

Captain Bravo spun in his command chair; suddenly staring directly into the eyes of the vicious Berkosoreian commander that was being projected an imposing 8 feet high across the holo-viewer screen. His steely gaze was unwavering as he gave the same order he always gave when confronted by something new and unexpected.
"Fire all guns."
His command came as a surprise to the unfortunate alien overlord almost as much as it was a surprise to Bravo's own command crew. In truth the Berkosorians were large in stature, but a benign bovine race of intelligent arthropods that feasted only on plankton and whose flatulence was well known in some parts of the galaxy to actually reverse global warming. Bravo cared not for such details as the first Quantum Beamer Fusillades cycled up to full power and delivered a thundering cannonade across the innocent merchant vessel's port side.
"Initiate attack pattern Omega." Bravo's stoic voice reverberated across the bridge through the tactical earpieces of the command crew. A warning claxon began to blare; the flashing red lights illuminating his chiselled jawline as he frowned broodingly into a flickering tactical display.
"Captain! Their vessel has no armaments; they're already in retreat". The dissenting voice belonged to a young junior officer, whose tear filled eyes reflected the flashing holo-screen as the Freedom spiralled past the lumbering alien vessel in a nauseating display of interstellar prowess. She was standing before the command chair; holding on of dear life as the gravetic stabilisers struggled to keep up with a vessel that was already at the brink of tearing itself apart.
Bravo's only reaction was to pull back on the accelerator lever hard; initiating a further boost in speed up to Light 15. The ship seemed to rock unsteadily and in some before unknown quantum conundrum, the front end raised into the air; beginning some type of space-wheelie and soaring right past the bemused alien vessel. More than a tactical manoeuvre, the action was designed to dislodge the dissenting crewmember from her perch. She tumbled head-over heels straight to the back of the compartment and into the elevator that pinged and closed its doors; whisking her away from the bridge.
"I just did you a favour; that was yellow-bellied mutiny!" Bravo remarked to no one in particular, whilst making a mental note to shorten the female crewmember's skirts another few inches to improve on the view that he had been expecting to get. "You can always improve perfection..." he mused, whilst also considering the same uniform change for male officers; he liked airflow.
"Captain, the Berkosorian ship is making a run for the neutral zone." The helmsman stopped mid sentence, suddenly reading fresh information that was clattering out of the quantum recorder at an alarming pace "No wait, there's a space-time anomaly forming ahead of them; it's a wormhole sir!".
Captain Bravo brought the Freedom around; slowing its speed to Light 4 and turning back towards their would be adversaries.
"Go after them, they'll not escape the justice of the Zordian Alliance so easily!". Bravo left his command chair behind and swaggered across the deck to the helmsman. They stared in wonder as the holo-screen lit up with swirling energy as a shimmering Wormhole formed directly ahead. Bravo merely pointed at the centre of the anomaly and gave a single ill-conceived order that would determine the fate of the hundreds of men and women under his command.
"Penetrate that hole."
He turned; pausing to give a joking wink and the entire bridge erupted in raucous laughter as the Freedom accelerated towards its target.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Resin Anime Figure Part 3 - Painting Marble and Verdigris

Well, it was a bit of a slog, but I've just finished the first pieces - namely the torso legs and head. One of the reasons I took this project on was to give my painting muscles a bit of a stretch, and I'd say they're now suitably sore!

The good news is that so far everything seems to have gone really well. One technique that you don't usually see used on Warhammer, but that I've used a lot on this model is Stippling. Essentially it is just jabbing your brush at the mini (but with finesse) to build up a series of circular marks. It builds great texture and is good for weathering.

On this piece, I used a bit of light stippling on the marble as a first coat to build up a bit of colour difference and make it look more natural; before painstakingly adding the veins by hand with a series of glazes. I also stippled on some of the verdigris to get that blotchy aged look.

As if that wasn't enough for that technique, I used a real messy stippling of different Browns to build some interest into the belt.

Everything else was painted with an airbrush and brush technique.

The verdigris was surprisingly easy. I painted the brass with Brass Scorpion (one of the best paints ever hands down). I then gave it a wash with Rhinox Hide, before washing a mix of Vallejo Blue Green, Olive Green and White over the appropriate areas. Once that was dry, I added more white to the mix and started washing some into the recesses again and stippling small dots to get a corroded finish. I did one more coat, just adding little dots and finally a wash of Caliban Green into the deepest recesses to get the tone back where I wanted it. It sounds like a lot of steps, but it was all washes and stippling, so the basecoat was by far the most difficult bit (although it took some artistic eye type stuff to pull it off).

I also did the back. It's a shame her hair will be covering a lot of this. The cool thing about this shot is that you can see the highlights I did with the airbrush on the back of her elbows.

I also finished her legs with the same verdigris. Next up is her hair and base and then I can finally glue what I have together - I just hope she'll be worth the effort.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day Hierophant Bio-Titan

It was 1.00pm on a cold Christmas Day and the whole house was silent; well except for the hum of the airbrush in the bathroom that was. 

On a bit of a tangent, my brother has been trying to paint this thing for a while, but more than just the size it was the sheer number of gaps that you just can't get a paintbrush into that were really slowing him up. We spoke about it on the phone, and to cut a long story short, he brought it round on Christmas for me to give it a blast. His usual Tyranids are red with a light blue carapace (achieved with a wash over the White).

Anyway, I think it looks pretty ace for only about 2 hours painting work. He'll still have to clean up the panels and do the detail, but that's what I call a good head start (not to mention one hell of a bonus Christmas Present). Now all I need to do is teach him how to airbrush and he can paint my stuff next year!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Christmas. My miniature haul was fairly considerable, but not outrageous (20 nice metal Daemonettes, a Goliath for the Cult, and another Anime figure for whenever I get around to it. Also the new Black Library book about Fabius Bile). I feel like I'm forgetting something there, but being as barely anyone reads this blog I'm sure nobody will mind...

Friday, 23 December 2016

Resin Anime Figure Part II - Painting

My new project is continuing at a good pace. I had the opportunity to get her primed over the weekend. She is so big that it was a bit of a task - in the end, I gave her a few thin coats of Vallejo grey primer and then topped it off with some GW white spray in the hopes of not only getting good coverage, but also impenetrable hardness, as I'm a bit weary of painting resin. Especially when a lot of it is so smooth and has nothing for the paint to get its teeth into.

After that fun, I got the chance to actually start painting her last night. Like usual, I took some time to plan out the colours I wanted to use and the order I was going to paint them in. This might seem a bit superfluous, but with the airbrush accurate planning can make a lot of difference. It's mostly to do with hitting the large areas first, but I would also normally paint the darker areas before the lighter ones to prevent some of the problems with overspray.

Speaking of overspray, I've found a trick that works really well to remove unwanted paint should you happen to miss with the airbrush. It isn't so good that you don't have to mask areas off, but it does help a lot with small mistakes. What I do is paint finished areas with a layer of Satin Varnish (it has a sheen much like regular paint, so you probably won't even see it once it has dried. Anyway, with that layer in place I then paint the other colours and hopefully I don't miss. If I do I apply a small quantity of Air Brush Cleaner (the Vallejo stuff) on the end of a very clean paint brush to the discoloured area and gently scrub it once the paint is dry. It seems to take it up pretty quickly without doing any damage as long as you then flush the area with plenty of water afterwards. I guess it works because the cleaning fluid is formulated to dissolve paint in the mechanism and so in moderation it works well on overspray, although only in fairly minor cases - don't expect to spray the skin with 10 litres of black and then just get it back off again.

Anyway, I was really happy with the way the skin came out. I actually used a few different colours to get the effect - It feels like a bit of a shame that most of it won't be visible when she's finished as it'll be underneath her dress and only visible from rather crafty angles!

I laid down a base coat with a mix of Pale Flesh and Dark Flesh. This gave me a slightly yellowish tone that had a bit of warmth to it. I then added some orange to the mix and shaded round the edges of her clothing. I then did a few small highlights with pure white (points of light). At this stage she was looking a bit blotchy due to all the colour variations, but I then smoothed in all of the transitions
with a thin coat of Pale Flesh. I'm really happy with the skin tone, it's definitely a recipe I'll be using again in the future.

Shading the face was fun too - I used the orange to add a shadow above the eyes as well as some colour to the cheeks. One of the cool features of this figure was that it came with eye decals, so after I'd whited out her whole eye (as this would show through the clear areas of the decal), I just had to apply them straight over the top - although it took a bit of lining up.

I'm also having a bit of an experiment with "Micro Sol". It's a solution that dissolves the decal into the paint to supposedly give it a painted on look. We'll see if that works, but either way I'll do a bit of varnish over the top of that to really mesh it into the figure.

Finally, I had a bit of a start on some gold edging and a bit of a rough start on some white marble for the armour. It's still early days, but it's looking pretty good. I didn't manage to get a very good picture of the marble, but maybe next update!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christnimmus – Echoes on the Plains of Undrensphere

Today's Christmas offering stars Bignimuus; you can think of him as a completely over-muscled and brainless Space Marine, from a painfully stupid chapter known only as the "Warrior Brothers", who value only size and strength, and apparently turned heretic at some point.
I wrote this story over a year ago for last Christmas as a bit of a holiday joke. It was actually about the 10th Bignimuus chapter, so if you like this one I might go back and publish some more from the Book of Doom (also known as assorted joke writings that were mostly sent in e-mail form from an office desk somewhere in the UK).
Christnimmus – Echoes on the Plains of Undrensphere
Bignimuus had heard of Christmas vaguely – a time of red and gold, where legends were made …. Or something. Regardless of that he was well informed that it involved going up to the roof at night, after that came time to “deliver the presents”. Bignimuus’ booming laughter echoed across the sleepy town as he armed a hundred Dual-Core Fusion Blast-Bombs, before throwing the sack of “presents” across his back and mounting his turbo charged Jet-Sleigh, adorned with trophy carcasses of defeated enemies and reindeer bones.
“Time to get in the spirit” drawled Bignimuus as he revved the Jet-Sleigh indulgently, inadvertently raising the front end to an almost crazed angle before speeding off over the snowy rooftops.
After pulling sky-doughnuts for over an hour, Bignimuus made his move. The large and now very dizzy marine headed for the first chimney. With little artistry he shoved several of the bombs down the chimney with a huge mailed fist. The chimney broke apart under the impact and the bombs stuck due to their massive size. Undeterred, Bignimuss leant out of the saddle and implemented a manoeuvre known as the “mighty christmas boot” to pulverise the chimney into submission.
With the bombs firmly lodged in place several feet inside the decimated roof, Bignimmus sped to the next target. This time forgoing the chimney altogether he slam dunked the bomb straight through the roof, eliciting a stream of expletives from the residents….
The night continued and many more presents were delivered before dawn.
As the scarlet sun arose over the horizon, Bignimuus watched the spectacle from behind his big faceplate form a point high above the town. A sudden flash and a huge mushroom cloud removed all evidence of the settlement.
“Season’s Greetings” growled Bignimuus, in a voice like a jammed quad-chegger…..

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Resin Anime Figure

At a bit of a loss at what to do next, I've changed projects completely. After spending a few weeks in Japan this year, I picked up this anime figure as a side project. The last time I went, I tried out Gunpla        (Which is Gundam Figures to most people - it turns out they're rather interestingly made, but maybe that's a post for another time). This time I have a rather interesting Demon girl to make. She's 100% resin, which should be familiar to most people in these parts.

The fun of a project like this is that it not only gives me a break from Warhammer and army construction concerns (like that pile of infantry that everyone has somewhere they still need to paint), but also gives me a chance to try out some weird and outlandish painting techniques, which in the long run will probably improve my hobby skills. 

I've started taking on a lot of odd projects over the last few years, they normally end up leading to an improvement of some type. I think the real change was how I see myself. In the past I always thought "I'm a Warhammer player" but for a year or 2 now I think of myself more as a miniature artist - maybe it's just that I spend so much more time painting than playing; or some kind of delirium brought on by proximity to so much plastic.

After several hours of building, I'd finally built her to the stage of having several large airbrush-able bits rather than several dozen resin pieces. Interestingly her resin is almost nothing like the stuff you get in the west - it feels a lot more like plastic and is considerably lighter in both weight and colour. I don't think it would take the level of detail needed for tiny marines (she is rather large as you'll see in the size comparison with a daemonette below).

The parts hang together quite well themselves, which is lucky for test fitting.

That's one big weapon! She has a pair too, so I'll have my work cut out for me.

With something this large a big challenge is always getting some interest into the big-ass panels. A base coat and edge highlight doesn't really cut it anymore when you're about a foot tall!

I'll post about her later. I've already done a bit of heat bending to get the parts in shape and some gap fill, so I should be painting her next time.


Friday, 16 December 2016

Bungo the Barbarian, Chapter 16 – Innuendo Crescendo



The Excelsior rode low in the water. Its massive form seemed to rock unsteadily in time to the undulating waves; helpless under the weight of its own lavishly bedecked aft castles and silken finery. Its cabins were painted sloppily in a generously applied, and seedily peeling coat of thick red paint. The whole ship was gloriously topped in what appeared from a distance to be solid gold wheel at the centre of the helm, but would on closer inspection be revealed as a cheap brass knockoff encrusted with a generously audacious quantity of rhinestones and worthless baubles. As if that wasn’t enough; the gaudy decorations were entirely eclipsed by a colossal topless mermaid statue that boldly crested the prow of the ship.


Bungo noticed none of these seemingly small details as heaved Wendy up the gang-plank; bracing his back against her generous hind quarters and pushing with all of his titanic strength. He was excitedly eyeing the words “Excelsior” that had been proudly embossed on the side of the ship when something stopped the odd baggage train in its tracks.


“Hold it right there!”


Bungo peered round his steed to see a small green Goblin blocking his path; the creature seemed to be bizarrely dressed in a brocaded jacket and tri-corner hat. Even stranger he seemed to be wearing an eye-patch, but was lifting it up to get a good look at the intruding individuals. His beady eyes hungrily took in Bungo’s herculean form.



“You mean you don’t know who I am?” The odd Goblin gestured at a large badge on his baroque jacket.


“Janboe Tigg, Pimp of the Seas…” Bungo read the words slowly, not quite comprehending their meaning. Without concerning himself with the little details like what he was about to get himself into, or what was actually going on, the adventurer made a move to continue up the gang-plank.


“I require passage…” as soon as the words left the barbarian’s mouth, Janboe went to work. He clapped his hand once, seemingly signalling the crew. The deck soon rang with the patter of dainty footsteps as a parade of scantily clad women lined up in rows in front of the dumbstruck barbarian, along with a row of infuriatingly camp sailors.


“Petunia’s got one hell of a passage; gotta be seen to be believed!” the incredulous Goblin said with a generous wink; waving his arm in the direction of a particularly girth-some woman who was beckoning Bungo invitingly.


“Just step right up and that’ll be 3 Pieces of Silver, thank you very much.” He paused for a moment, eyeing Shallica up-and-down curiously, before speaking again.


“What’s wrong with this one; a case of Demon-Wang?” Shallica immediately turned red at the suggestion, but Janboe continued regardless.


“I think I’ve got an ointment for that, doesn’t cure the Wang, but soothes the engorgement.”


Bungo finally managed to interrupt the crazed Goblin’s repartee for a moment by waving his arms wildly.


“I don’t want to buy sex! I want to be taken, you know PASSSAGE on THIS SHIP!” Bungo’s booming words reverberated across the deck. The last shouts causing a clamour amongst the crew as they struggled to get a better look at the barbarian interloper.


“Oh, right…” Janboe was thinking again for a minute.


“Taken on the ship…” The Goblin ummed and ahh’d for a moment before snapping his fingers.


“I’ve got it!” He clapped his hands twice more and a muscular man with a moustache appeared from out of the crowd.


“This is Klaus, he’ll take your passage on this ship all day long! And for only 2 Pieces of Silver!”


There was a slight pause while Bungo’s prehistoric intellect struggled to come to terms with what was happening. Unfortunately the thinking time was mistaken for indecision by Janboe, who immediately offered him a two for one deal and a loyalty card before the barbarian could finally interject again.


“What if” Bungo began slowly, sounding out the words one by one in an attempt to get through the labyrinthine sex-trap of a mind he was contending with.


“I” the barbarian stopped to gesture to himself and his companions. Janboe was nodding eagerly.


“Want a cabin” He paused again, looking the Goblin directly in the eyes for signs of acknowledgement. “Without the sex.” The crew fell silent with looks of confusion. A few laughed at the preposterousness of it, and more than one snicker was heard, until Janboe hushed them meaningfully.


“Alone? Everyone in their own room?” The buccaneering Goblin, stopped for a moment.


“I get it, but y’know that it’ll cost more to drill the peep-holes right?”


Bungo was about to argue, but at this rate it didn’t seem like he’d get a better deal. Exacerbated and more than a little confused, he pushed Wendy’s monstrous form on board with Shallica in tow and they were quickly shown to their adjoining cabins.


After promising to come back with a drill, Janboe finally left. As the door creaked shut Bungo cold hear a faint voice echoing through the wall from the next cabin.


“I don’t have Demon Wang…” Shallica pouted quietly to herself.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Squat Exo-Armour Complete

I finished the first of the 4 squats, 3 more to go. With a model this old, it really did feel like it was fighting me sometimes; about half way through I did catch myself shouting "she can't take the pressure captain!" and spraying paint up the wall.

Seriously though these are hard to paint; they weigh a ton, and the centre of gravity is really weird. It makes them a little tough to handle.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Painting Squats!

Well hello Ho Ho there prospective readers.

I've got a fairly odd Christmas treat today. I was recently approached by the owner of a local games store and asked if I was interested in painting some squats for him. Without thinking too hard, I said yes as it sounded like a bit of a laugh.

The only question is ... Can I make these ancient models look good?

So far, I've given them a bit of a basecoat with the airbrush (and don't think the irony of using such an advanced piece of kit on such old models was lost to me either). As they're just a bit of fun, I'm trying to go for a nice bright red/orange for the armour plates to catch people's eyes. We'll see how they look with a few more colours on them later. So far I haven't worked out the rest of the scheme, but I'm thinking maybe a blue accent and black/grey?

For the moment I'm just gonna sit back and bask in the old-hammeryness of it all.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Converted Emperor's Children Chaos Marine

A little while ago I had this idea of doing some chaos marines with a difference; topless. It just seemed really outrageous and in keeping with the Slaanesh obsession with physical form as well as reckless pursuit of sensation. I just finished the first one; built from some standard bits and some spares from Warhammer Quest Silver Tower that I got on eBay (I can't remember the name of the unit - acolytes or cultists or something - they were about the right size and buff in a mutant kind of way, so perfect for the job). Anyway, I'm happy with him.

I also finished a Daemonette over the weekend too.

A closer look at the man himself. I had a lot of fun with this conversion and I think he's nice and thematic. He also puts those Blood Angels and their golden abs in place with his demonic core.

The back still looks quite armoured, which is cool.

Some pictures of my latest Daemonette.

Errmmm ... It just happened...

Monday, 5 December 2016

Codex Traitor Legions - Emperor's Children Rules?

By now, I'm sure a lot of people will have seen the hashed out shorthand version of the Traitor Legions' rules on Natfka. As an avid Emperor's Children fan I excitedly checked out their section. For those who missed it, I've copied out the relevant section at the bottom.

The first thing I had to ask is - how accurate/non rubbishy are these rules? And did they come from the book. After having a thorough read, they do look quite legit; there's no particularly telltale signs that they're not "real" like obvious overpower or random things that don't make sense. That said, they're a little hard to completely decipher given the fact they're like someone else's scribbled notes.


The Legion trait of Feel no Pain 6+ and fearlessness for all models with Veterans of the Long war will be a really nice bonus; giving a bit more survive ability in all aspects with an ever-useful stacking save. Noise marines as troops is a bit redundant as Chaos already have that with a Chaos Lord with the mark of Slaanesh.

The inclusion of combat drugs is stated too, although I'm not sure how this will work as it's a little unclear. If it's free it'll be incredible (a little broken too). I'm assuming that you'll have to pay points for it somewhere or by having it through a formation. I couldn't work it out really (although +1 BS for my Noise Marines please)

The 6 warlord traits look decent, in particular the ability to add 1 to Feel no Pain rolls is looking desire able. If this rule set is right, the Icon of excess gives a unit a 4+ Feel no pain, so I could see a lot of people fishing to make it a 3+! (A stacking 3+ , Heresy!).

The Kakophoni Warband formation looks rather powerful if this info is correct. Shred and Split-Fire will make them deadly as anything and the additional point of strength on the guns will make those Sonic Blasters something to fear. The only downside is that you need 3 units of Noise Marines, which would mean a minimum of 18 for 3 units of 6 and a chaos lord - not sure how often I'd field that (especially given how silly having a massive wad of them with an icon of excess would be). Any way you look at it, this is one interesting rumour and I guess at this point we'll know more when the book is out.

Emperor’s Children
must: only Luciius unique; need mk Slaanesh; only mk Slaamesh; VotLW; psykers & demons can take full from Slaanesh expanded discipline
gain: fueled by sensation: VotLW gain Fearless & FnP6+ (units w/icon of excess make that FnP4+), VotLW if slain n fight sub phase before it swings gets 1 immediate attack; Matsers Kakophoni: Noise Marines are troops
WT: all legions get the re-roll their legion warlord trait
EC Warlord
 gain eternal Warrior;
+2 Init;
add 1 to FnP of WL & his unit;
Gain Fear & melee opponents locked in cc w/warlord & his unit take fear on 3D6;
+1 attack each time you lose a wound (returns if healed);
can auto-pass look out sir!

Intoxicating elixir (25) make D3 rolls on combat drugs, cumulative, ;
Shriekwave (20) gun 12” S8,AP2, assault D6, mental trauma (before attack target takes ldsh test and f failed you re-roll these to-wound);
soul snare Lash (20) soulsnare- (to wound 6 is AP2/instant death) if range( 6” S4 AP5 assault 2, sousnare) or melee S user AP5 melee, soulsnare
Endless Grin (10) you have fear, enemies w/in6” -1 leadreship;
Bolts of ecstatic vexation (15) bolt weapons gain blast, ignores cover and pinning;
Blissgiver (30) AP3 catatonic trance - target must pass ldsh test/wound or die
army: combat drugs! roll after deployment for all your non-vehicles
1- +1 WS
2- +1 BS
3- +1 Init
4- +1 S
5 - +1 T
6- +1 A
core: chaos warband, Kakophani (Lucius or Ch Lord, 3-6 noise marines—get split fire & all sonic weapons gain shred. If take 6 noise marines they also get +1 St guns)
command: lord of legion
aux: lost & damned + 8
obj: destroy enemy w/noise weapons; kill enemy in challenge; kill a unit falling back; Vp per unit fails morale, fear, pinning (max 3); your enemy picks obj marker and D3Vo when you take it; D3 VP if your enemy controls no objectives (improves)