Monday, 5 December 2016

Codex Traitor Legions - Emperor's Children Rules?

By now, I'm sure a lot of people will have seen the hashed out shorthand version of the Traitor Legions' rules on Natfka. As an avid Emperor's Children fan I excitedly checked out their section. For those who missed it, I've copied out the relevant section at the bottom.

The first thing I had to ask is - how accurate/non rubbishy are these rules? And did they come from the book. After having a thorough read, they do look quite legit; there's no particularly telltale signs that they're not "real" like obvious overpower or random things that don't make sense. That said, they're a little hard to completely decipher given the fact they're like someone else's scribbled notes.


The Legion trait of Feel no Pain 6+ and fearlessness for all models with Veterans of the Long war will be a really nice bonus; giving a bit more survive ability in all aspects with an ever-useful stacking save. Noise marines as troops is a bit redundant as Chaos already have that with a Chaos Lord with the mark of Slaanesh.

The inclusion of combat drugs is stated too, although I'm not sure how this will work as it's a little unclear. If it's free it'll be incredible (a little broken too). I'm assuming that you'll have to pay points for it somewhere or by having it through a formation. I couldn't work it out really (although +1 BS for my Noise Marines please)

The 6 warlord traits look decent, in particular the ability to add 1 to Feel no Pain rolls is looking desire able. If this rule set is right, the Icon of excess gives a unit a 4+ Feel no pain, so I could see a lot of people fishing to make it a 3+! (A stacking 3+ , Heresy!).

The Kakophoni Warband formation looks rather powerful if this info is correct. Shred and Split-Fire will make them deadly as anything and the additional point of strength on the guns will make those Sonic Blasters something to fear. The only downside is that you need 3 units of Noise Marines, which would mean a minimum of 18 for 3 units of 6 and a chaos lord - not sure how often I'd field that (especially given how silly having a massive wad of them with an icon of excess would be). Any way you look at it, this is one interesting rumour and I guess at this point we'll know more when the book is out.

Emperor’s Children
must: only Luciius unique; need mk Slaanesh; only mk Slaamesh; VotLW; psykers & demons can take full from Slaanesh expanded discipline
gain: fueled by sensation: VotLW gain Fearless & FnP6+ (units w/icon of excess make that FnP4+), VotLW if slain n fight sub phase before it swings gets 1 immediate attack; Matsers Kakophoni: Noise Marines are troops
WT: all legions get the re-roll their legion warlord trait
EC Warlord
 gain eternal Warrior;
+2 Init;
add 1 to FnP of WL & his unit;
Gain Fear & melee opponents locked in cc w/warlord & his unit take fear on 3D6;
+1 attack each time you lose a wound (returns if healed);
can auto-pass look out sir!

Intoxicating elixir (25) make D3 rolls on combat drugs, cumulative, ;
Shriekwave (20) gun 12” S8,AP2, assault D6, mental trauma (before attack target takes ldsh test and f failed you re-roll these to-wound);
soul snare Lash (20) soulsnare- (to wound 6 is AP2/instant death) if range( 6” S4 AP5 assault 2, sousnare) or melee S user AP5 melee, soulsnare
Endless Grin (10) you have fear, enemies w/in6” -1 leadreship;
Bolts of ecstatic vexation (15) bolt weapons gain blast, ignores cover and pinning;
Blissgiver (30) AP3 catatonic trance - target must pass ldsh test/wound or die
army: combat drugs! roll after deployment for all your non-vehicles
1- +1 WS
2- +1 BS
3- +1 Init
4- +1 S
5 - +1 T
6- +1 A
core: chaos warband, Kakophani (Lucius or Ch Lord, 3-6 noise marines—get split fire & all sonic weapons gain shred. If take 6 noise marines they also get +1 St guns)
command: lord of legion
aux: lost & damned + 8
obj: destroy enemy w/noise weapons; kill enemy in challenge; kill a unit falling back; Vp per unit fails morale, fear, pinning (max 3); your enemy picks obj marker and D3Vo when you take it; D3 VP if your enemy controls no objectives (improves)


  1. Big things are changing for the Legions and it is good to see.

    1. Yeah, I've been waiting for it since the 4th Edition/5th Edition de-fluffanating of the Chaos Codex. Bring back the rules for legions!

  2. It's so good to see Chaos getting the love they deserve. If this stuff about EC is true, then my Heresy Legion will also be seeing some work on the tables of 40k!

    My only concern was that as fluffy as giving FNP to the EC is given their obvious tolerance to such things, how much is that beginning to tread on the resilient character of the Death Guard. I'd have preferred I think to see something more that enhances the speed of the Legion.

    1. Yeah, it does seem like there might be some kind of overlap. I think that with the combat drugs and all those noise marines they'll still be unique enough though.

      I personally find it strange that their Legion trait is almost the same as the Chapter Tactics for Iron Hands - talk about an odd one!

    2. Indeed, close as fulgrim and ferrus manus were their legions were nothing alike so it's ironic they've ended up sharing that from to completely opposite directions.

  3. They've been confirmed as accurate by Frontline Gaming as well. FLG got an advance copy from GW and have been posting teasers.

    Unfortunately, they also confirmed that to get the bonus S and Split Fire, you need 6 Units of Noise Marines, not 6 per Unit, so 30 minimum.

    The Noise Marines as Troops as a Legion benefit is cool, because it lets you use your HQ slots for Sorcerers or Daemon Princes if those suit your Army better, rather than having to spend one on a Chaos Lord. It also applies to all EC Detachments, while the Chaos Lord only makes them Troops in your Primary Detachment.

    And yeah, I'm pretty sure the Combat Drugs are free. They actually seem fairly reasonable to me, given that there's no way to plan around any particular result, and most CSM stuff was pretty badly overpriced before, so they needed some substantial free buffs to bring them up to par.

    I'm really torn right now on whether I want to jump back in with my EC, Death Guard, or Alpha Legion. So much cool stuff for all of them.

    1. Yeah, it's a good day for Chaos when your hard decision is which force to play first!

      Thanks for the clarity on that one about the Noise Marines. I actually hope the combat drugs are universal and free - especially if the Noise Marines are a bit more toned down. I always hated fighting my brother's Dark Eldar when he had all the bonuses from his combat drugs, so it'll be payback time!

      I think it's a relief actually as I didn't want to suddenly have to have another 10 noise marines or something (I'll never field 6 units so it doesn't matter!). I think I thought it was units of 6 as it is Slaanesh's number and in 4th you used to get free Aspiring Champions for all your units that were 6 men strong, so my mind went straight to that!

      I'm loving it at the moment though - really looking forward to having a go with Chaos and not feeling like I'm just fielding marines who spent 10,000 years in the warp only to lose "and they shall know no fear".

    2. Yeah, I'm really stoked about it. In part re: the EC because I actually do have 30+ Noise Marines, even if a ton of them need to be (re)painted. But the fact that pretty much all of them pick up free VotLW and Fearless, plus some other buff goes a long way toward making up that gap for all of them. Losing ATSKNF and Chapter Tactics for a 1 Point per Model discount always left kind of a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. It's 894 for 6x 5 noise marines with 3x strength 5 shredding sonics blasters,strength 6 shredding Doom siren, strength 9 Blastmasters or strength 6 assult 2 Blastmasters with shred and split fire😈🎸🎡🎢🎡
    ...I mainly play 2000 thats a nasty Bunch of cannon fodder fire support for a 1096 points Slannesh Scion Warband 4+feel no pain
    (Or a possible 3+ feel no pain to the main warlords Bodyguard πŸ˜πŸ–’ which I got in 2 battles so far) is Delicious!! COMBAT DRUGS, has given me + 1 BS and + 1 strength...both where important bonus in the battles... so far I got a Draw and a win.