Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Tau Ghostkeel Battlesuit - 4 Hour Speed Paint

As a bit of a challenge, and for a bit of a change of pace, I painted this Battlesuit (and the 2 drones) over the weekend. I had the idea that I would try to paint it to a high standard as fast as I could. With that in mind, I thought I would aim for about 3 hours on the main suit (with some additional time given to the drones that I didn't really factor in). In the end, he came in at 4 hours 30 minutes, but that includes 30 minutes on the drones. I also ended up applying the undercoat with the airbrush rather than a spray can due to the cold weather and that ate up at least 20 minutes or something. Still, I'm happy with the results and it made for a great Sunday afternoon slice of hobby.

Colour wise, I painted the body with a black through to white blend (2 layers of grey there in the middle). I went back and added a bit of Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue to the recesses to get some interest and to stop it being so monotone. I highlighted the upper edges of the panels with Vallejo white.

I painted the base with Vallejo Cavalry Brown, washed it with Khorne Red and then progressively drybrushed Vallejo Orange Brown, Rakarth Flesh and Pallid Wych Flesh. For the OSL bits, I airbrushed in a dot of Vallejo Escorpina Green. I then washed the area with Waywatcher Green and highlighted with Moot Green and then a mix of Moot Green and white.

That pretty much sums it up. I hope you like the finished mini. Did you notice the incredibly unintentional mistake (one of his lower legs is on the wrong way round! Whoops!!). I plastic glued it too, that sucker is permanent! Luckily, it doesn't notice really. I only worked it out half way through painting him.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

100,000 Hits - A Benchmark in Blogging

Well, I finally got to 100,000 hits! I haven't been very active on the hobby front for a month or two, as I've been taking a bit of a break from all things Wargaming related to focus on a few other hobbies that I have going on at the moment.

Regardless of all that, I logged in this morning to the rather pleasant news that Tabletop Apocalypse was still chugging away and that over night Google had delivered the hundred or so hits that I needed to reach 100,000.

I would say that I feel surprised at how successful things have been, but honestly when I started, I figured almost anything on the internet would generate thousands of hits regardless of how interesting it was; I mean there are a lot of people out there and they use the internet a lot right? Blogging should be easy .... right?

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. That said, I get a few hundred views most days now, but when I started it was hard to get a few dozen. In particular, the fiction seems to go down like a wet balloon with several holes in it, but as I enjoy writing it, it won't be going anywhere soon. I guess nobody really wants to read infantile comedy fiction on a blog that is mostly about painting.

Advertising wise, that ad for Play Asia has generated a wallet-crushing $2 of store credit for me. Maybe in another 10 years, I can get something in the sale. Well worth the effort! On the upside, winning the GK competition has left me with a rather large backlog of free anime figures to paint ... probably at least 2 years worth...

Overall though, I'm calling it a win. I haven't been posting a lot lately, as like I said, I've been on a bit of a break. With Christmas on the horizon, I'm sure there will be a few miniatures coming to drive me out of temporary retirement!

Thanks to anyone who reads the blog regularly, as I doubt I would still be posting without  regular commenters and fellow bloggers. If there is anything you'd like to see more of, chuck a comment below and I'll see what I can conjure up! (People want a lot more Bungo the Barbarian right????....right???)

Friday, 15 September 2017

Necromunda Escher Paint Scheme - Test Miniatures

I've been making some good progress on the Escher gang this week, and today I'm presenting the first finished miniatures. I actually meant to post this article when I finished the first one, but as I was a day or two late, I finished a second one! At this rate the gang will be ready to fight in no time!

For the colour scheme, I really wanted to evoke the classic look that Necromunda always had; with bright colours and patterns. I'd always fancied having a go at paining an army "2nd edition" style, so the gang was a great chance to take a trip down memory lane without having to commit to it as permanently as painting a whole army would've been (I think  have enough armies at this point too...).

It seems that the classic colours for Escher gangers tended to be yellow, so I wanted to work that in there. I've also gone with bright blue and some reds (especially on the weapons) to get that old skool primary colour mash-up going on. I've done a few areas with hazard striping too as it is classic, and not that hard really. I got a lot of practice in on the technique while I was painting my genestealer cult.

Vertical striped leg? I don't know if I'll be attempting that again soon. I do like the green hair ends though.

The old miniatures stand up pretty well considering that they're about 20 years old! I think the original game had great styling for the time, and the proportions are pretty decent. When I think back on the old mono-pose plastics that I used to collect compared to these, I really have to ask myself why I didn't buy more Necromunda at the time.


The pictures could be a bit better, but I really wanted to get these up on the blog before I painted any more of them. Hopefully they'll be facing off with Ed's Goliaths soon!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Necromunda Escher Gang - The Build

I'd like to say that I've had these sitting around for the last 20 years waiting for the new edition of Necromunda. Unfortunately, that dubious honour goes to some guy that I bought them off of on eBay. I was fortunate enough to get a decent deal though, as with the announcement of the new version of what most people had assumed was a long dead game the prices have skyrocketed.

I was involved in the hobby in the 90s when Necromunda was a thing, but as a penniless kidd, I couldn't afford to play more than one game, which at the time was Warhammer Fantasy. Still, I've always had fond memories of Necromunda, so I was excited to hear about the new version of the game. I do have a few Necromunda figures in my collection, but no actual gangs as they were mostly bitts I bought from the old mail order system because I liked them - like the old Ash Wastes gang sniper. Good times.

Rather than my usual backing, I'm using an old video cassette. I wanted to use something as old as the miniatures!

Anyway, I got to talking to my brother (Ed from the BERSERKERBLADE blog) and we talked about splitting the new box game for Christmas; which should be cool. To add an extra level of fun, we thought we would try and get a head start by scrounging together a few old models, or building a few new ones, so that hopefully we'll have a small force ready to deploy on the day.

I know that Ed will be converting some Goliaths using some chunky Bloodbound warriors (I've given him some cool bits to work with, so I'll be excited to see what he comes up with). Unfortunately, finding modern analogues for Escher gangers was a lot harder, and after a bit of searching I decided to stick with the originals.

Today, I'm presenting the first wave of posts about this project. I've got the miniatures together and ready for paint. In the end, I had to do a few conversions in order to repair some damage; such as the chainsword that I added in place of a missing sword blade or the shotgun ganger that I had 2 of, so I've swapped it for a lasgun and modified the head.. It still seems strange that in the original game they used to encourage conversion as your characters developed. With fully metal models and separate sprues of guns, you have to wonder what kind of maniac would even attempt it!

Paint-wise, I'm looking to combine some modern and traditional techniques; with plenty of hazard stripes, cheques, black flames and patterns. We'll see how that goes, but if I can, I'll try to put some tutorials together to help people with their own projects. If I'm feeling brave, I might even try my hand at some tattoos. After all, it isn't really Necromunda without a few bright colours and some throwback styling!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Necromunda Ganger Names List - Over 500 Crazy Names for all Occasions!

Over 500 names suitable for all houses! Inject some interest into your Goliaths, Orlock, Cawdor, Escher and Van Saar gangs; with names suitable for the lowliest juves to the mightiest champions!

Presented in alphabetical order, this table will give you a great source of names and inspiration to spin your own tales in the sprawling underhive. It can be fun to randomise, as I've handily numbered them, or even to pick 2 names to create even more dynamic characters like "Tobias Tripod" or "Felix Fingers"!

1)            Abel
2)            Abyss
3)            Ace
4)            Aldah
5)            Alpha
6)            Alphimaxx
7)            Ancient
8)            Annaconda
9)            Antoinette
10)          Armondo
11)          Arrus
12)          Artimus
13)          Arturis
14)          Astro
15)          Atlus
16)          Baagren
17)          Bags
18)          Bakyru
19)          Ballista
20)          Ballistic
21)          Bane
22)          Banshee
23)          Barbaroi
24)          Bastille
25)          Bauma
26)          Baxter
27)          Berk
28)          Big Boss
29)          Big Mah
30)          Bigmar
31)          Bignimuus
32)          Bipod
33)          Bishop
34)          Bjorn
35)          Blade
36)          Blaggins
37)          Blambo
38)          Blango
39)          Blanigan
40)          Blazdemona
41)          Blaze
42)          Blazmo
43)          Blazmollicious
44)          Blekno
45)          Blorth
46)          Blurnz
47)          Bodybag
48)          Bolt
49)          Bomah
50)          Boomer
51)          Borgof
52)          Bort
53)          Bossman
54)          Braces
55)          Brad
56)          Bram
57)          Branigan
58)          Brannigan
59)          Braundo
60)          Breeze
61)          Breezy
62)          Brennan
63)          Brick
64)          Brierley
65)          Broadside
66)          Brock
67)          Brody
68)          Bro-hawk
69)          Bruckade
70)          Bubba
71)          Bugs
72)          Bungo
73)          Burk
74)          Butterfly
75)          Buzizima
76)          Cain
77)          Calgorin
78)          Callendim
79)          Callus
80)          Cambo
81)          Cammy
82)          Cannibal
83)          Cerberus
84)          Cervantes
85)          Chaos
86)          Chip
87)          Chlomo
88)          Chrone
89)          Chronic
90)          Clarke
91)          Crash
92)          Crimitus
93)          Cromwell
94)          Crowther
95)          Crystal
96)          Cyber
97)          Cybo
98)          Cygnus
99)          Damien
100)       Danger
101)       Dangerous
102)       Danziber
103)       Danziger
104)       Danziver
105)       Darneria
106)       De La Vega
107)       Deacon
108)       Death Toll
109)       Decimator
110)       Deco
111)       Del’Ragio
112)       Demon
113)       Despair
114)       Desperado
115)       Devil
116)       Digby
117)       Dinosaur
118)       Dixie
119)       Dogboy
120)       Dolph
121)       Doom
122)       Doughboy
123)       Drella
124)       Duke
125)       Dutch
126)       Dutchess
127)       Eclipse
128)       Edragar
129)       Edwin
130)       El’Boneus
131)       Elbore
132)       Electrolyte
133)       Elgar
134)       Elle
135)       Estobar
136)       Estovan
137)       Estraga
138)       Eugene
139)       Faith
140)       Fancy
141)       Fandango
142)       Felix
143)       Fingers
144)       Flaive
145)       Flesk
146)       Flisk
147)       Folvus
148)       Fomus
149)       Fortinbras
150)       Fox
151)       Foxx
152)       Fremus
153)       Gabe
154)       Gambit
155)       Gambler
156)       Gastonne
157)       Gator
158)       Gazmo
159)       Ghost
160)       Gibbon
161)       Gigmar
162)       Gigmus
163)       Ginormotank
164)       Gizmar
165)       Gladius
166)       Glaive
167)       Gloom
168)       Gnoll
169)       Goblin
170)       Gogan
171)       Gogandantes
172)       Goldengaze
173)       Goomer
174)       Grado
175)       Grease
176)       Grid
177)       Grimer
178)       Grind
179)       Grinder
180)       Guardo
181)       Guiver
182)       Hades
183)       Hairdo
184)       Handsome Harry
185)       Hardy
186)       Harkon
187)       Harkono
188)       Harkonus
189)       Harper
190)       Harpie
191)       Harpo
192)       Helix
193)       Hellebore
194)       Hex
195)       Hilda
196)       Hogan
197)       Hoolahan
198)       Illya
199)       Indo
200)       Insomniac
201)       Invictus
202)       Iron-Side
203)       Iron-Wall
204)       Isaac
205)       Isometric
206)       Jambo
207)       Jamo
208)       Jamone
209)       Janboe Tigg
210)       Jazreko
211)       Jean-Paul
212)       Jehmboi
213)       Jesse
214)       Jessie
215)       John Boy
216)       Jom
217)       Jorick
218)       Jorrmughand
219)       Judge
220)       Judgement
221)       Juggernaut
222)       Kain
223)       Kein
224)       Kesk
225)       Kibore
226)       Killer
227)       Kindler
228)       Kingsley
229)       Kisk
230)       Knight
231)       Knoll
232)       Krash
233)       Krass
234)       Kraus
235)       Kresnick
236)       Krystal
237)       Kurn
238)       Kurt
239)       La Flaga
240)       Lacey
241)       Lafayette
242)       Lance
243)       Lariat
244)       Layla
245)       Layland
246)       Lazlo
247)       Lazmar
248)       Lazmo
249)       Leda
250)       Light
251)       Liligrith
252)       Lilith
253)       Lindengarde
254)       Liquid
255)       Lizard
256)       Longinus
257)       Lordaron
258)       Lorenzo
259)       Lorettica
260)       Lothar
261)       Luca
262)       Lucien
263)       Lucifer
264)       Luna
265)       Lunchbox
266)       Lupo
267)       Luther
268)       Macaroone
269)       Mammoth
270)       Man-Hunter
271)       Manny
272)       Man-Tracker
273)       Marionette
274)       Markus
275)       Maroone
276)       Marv
277)       Marvin
278)       Master
279)       Mastodon
280)       Mastoone
281)       Maudr
282)       Maudrick
283)       Maverick
284)       McNelly
285)       McSteel
286)       Mekno
287)       Meknolite
288)       Mercury
289)       Merrus
290)       Molder
291)       Monk
292)       Monkey
293)       Mordo
294)       Mr McStabby
295)       Mu
296)       Mute
297)       Nel
298)       Neptune
299)       Newt
300)       Nicodantes
301)       Nicodantia
302)       Nitro
303)       Nobby
304)       Noblar
305)       Nolt
306)       Noober
307)       Noobler
308)       Noth
309)       Nyx
310)       Odarg
311)       Ogre
312)       Oily
313)       Old Fashioned
314)       Olly
315)       Oni
316)       Ophelia
317)       Orc
318)       Orpheus
319)       Oswald
320)       Paz
321)       Peclaw
322)       Pecs
323)       Pecto
324)       Pegasus
325)       Perfect
326)       Perfecto
327)       Pez
328)       Phobos
329)       Pixel
330)       Pixie
331)       Plesk
332)       Pluto
333)       Pokaro
334)       Pope
335)       Prefect
336)       Priest
337)       Primal
338)       Prime
339)       Primus
340)       Quadraped
341)       Quadro
342)       Quasimodo
343)       Quiet
344)       Quill
345)       Quinn
346)       Quintus
347)       Rathbone
348)       Reptile
349)       Rhino
350)       Ripper
351)       Riz
352)       Rock
353)       Rogan
354)       Rolendorph
355)       Rolo
356)       Rook
357)       Rory
358)       Roth
359)       Rotor
360)       Rotundicuus the Great
361)       Saffron
362)       Saussage
363)       Schizo
364)       Screamer
365)       Sellford
366)       Septo
367)       Shade
368)       Shadow
369)       Shady
370)       Shallica
371)       Shalozar
372)       Sheera
373)       Shina
374)       Shogun
375)       Shotgun Smile
376)       Shrendo
377)       Shrent
378)       Sinner
379)       Sirius
380)       Skinner
381)       Skip
382)       Skuzmo
383)       Skye
384)       Slade
385)       Slave
386)       Sly
387)       Slybore
388)       Solid
389)       Sorica
390)       Sorilla
391)       Spazmo
392)       Spider
393)       Stanhope
394)       Statham
395)       Stitch
396)       Strato
397)       Stun
398)       Stunner
399)       Stunty
400)       Styx
401)       Su
402)       Sydell
403)       Sykes
404)       Syndro
405)       Syndrone
406)       Tabby
407)       Tag
408)       Tammy
409)       Tank
410)       Tankjr
411)       Targarro
412)       Tarquin
413)       Tartarus
414)       Tattoo
415)       Tekno
416)       Teramorph
417)       Terraformer
418)       Terror
419)       Tesla
420)       Tessic
421)       The Baron
422)       The Beast
423)       The Body
424)       The Boss
425)       The Butcher
426)       The Master
427)       The Mule
428)       The Toupee
429)       The Unit
430)       Tiberius
431)       Titan
432)       Titanicoor
433)       Titus
434)       Tobias
435)       Tony
436)       Total
437)       Tribore
438)       Trick
439)       Tricks
440)       Trip
441)       Tripod
442)       Tripp
443)       Troll
444)       Twin
445)       Tybun
446)       UFO
447)       Ulf
448)       Ultimatum
449)       Ultimore
450)       Ultus
451)       Unicorn
452)       Ururu
453)       Utilitus
454)       Vagabond
455)       Valeria
456)       Varnogrand
457)       Verrick
458)       Vex
459)       Virus
460)       Voldo
461)       Volton
462)       Voltron
463)       Walleye
464)       Walloon
465)       Walton
466)       Wayland
467)       Weapon X
468)       Werewolf
469)       Weyland
470)       Whistler
471)       Wiggins
472)       Wild Cat
473)       Wild Dog
474)       Wilderness
475)       Wilf
476)       Willamena
477)       Willendorph
478)       Wintleberry
479)       Wirt
480)       Wisk
481)       Wistler
482)       Worthy
483)       Wrinkly
484)       Wyrt
485)       Wyvern
486)       X
487)       Xander
488)       Xill
489)       Xorpo
490)       Yanus
491)       Yeoman
492)       Yoof
493)       Yosef
494)       Yugo
495)       Yulantee
496)       Yurem
497)       Zack
498)       Zak
499)       Zandimuus
500)       Zardon
501)       Zeelix
502)       Zephyr
503)       Zill
504)       Zillonia
505)       Zoltan
506)       Zonethrope