Friday, 27 April 2018

Stormcast Eternals - Alternate Colour Scheme Test, Marble Armour

A bit of a random project for me, but sometimes I like to shake things up. I have to admit that I don't know a whole lot about Age of Sigmar, but there's no denying that they make some lovely models!

Sorry the photography is a bit lacking. I used my phone as I was in a rush!

This project really came about for two reasons; one was burnout. After working on my 40k Skaven, I really hit a wall where I couldn't continue anymore. It was really that I had done so much work to such a high standard in a short space of time; I needed a change of pace.

The second thing was that I entered a painting competition at my FLGS, and managed to take first prize in both categories. I won something quite interesting for one of the categories, and I'll post about that later. For the other category, I got some store credit, and I was determined to spend it on something that I could enjoy just as a painting project. While I was there, I had a look at the Start Collecting sets for Age of Sigmar and after a bit of internet fenoogling here we are (not sure that's a word, but whatever. I think it might be what you call Googling something whilst surrounded by ferns...)

Rays of heavenly light... apparently shine on my work. Or is that lens-flare? Hey, is that my pot of Ryza Rust, I've been looking for that!

Anyway, I've just finished a few test miniatures. I wanted something different and sort of mystical looking. I guess it falls into that sort of "Dark Age of Sigmar" type stuff you sometimes see. The paint scheme is based mostly on the Anime figure that I painted for last years GK Competition on E2046 (I'm also working on this year's entry at the moment, but more on that later).

For these models, I've used the airbrush to set up a natural tonal blend of white, grey and brown to be the basis of the marble. it couples well with the verdigris brass effects too. They're fairly time consuming to paint, but I think the overall look is worth the effort.

The force right after the initial airbrushing session. I'm quite looking forward to working on those Palladores!
For the Palladores (read Gryph-Horse riders for the uninformed) I've decided to go with something quite natural. I wanted the colours to look a bit like a cross between a horse and a tropical bird, so I went with green heads (partially to match the verdigris). I think the red chests will be nice when the models are done.

I'm thinking the base is like "Frozen Forest Floor" or at least that was the idea. I wanted something a bit more fantasy than usual. 

They really do look like they belong in 40k though!