Tuesday, 30 August 2016

PanOceania Seraph and Auxbot - Plus Group Shots!

To finish-off my PanOceania faction for the moment I've painted up my Seraph's Auxbot. Not only did it come out quite well for just an hour or so of work (I'd basecoated it with the airbrush already), but it also means I can also legally use the Seraph now!

I was so excited to finish them off that I decided to take a few group shots to celebrate.

Monday, 29 August 2016

PanOceania Father Knight

Continuing on with my PanOceania force, I've now finished off the Father Knight. I can't actually comment on whether he performs well on the field as I actually haven't used him yet!

With all of these Infinity models I've been avoiding metallic paints entirely. It's a new process and sometimes seems to throw a wrench in the works. This time I was really worried about making that thing under his foot look good, but in the end I managed to get a decent effect without too much effort, so I'm calling it a win!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Bungo the Barbarian, Chapter 12 - Horror of the Meat-Sabre

Bungo upturned the breakfast table with a guttural grunt; sending as spray of creamy porridge and half eaten morsels across the room. He was just in time to deflect the first bolt as it slammed into the sodden table top a moment latter. The sound was followed rapidly by another bolt that whizzed past the makeshift shield as the Barbarian took cover from the bounty hunter’s advanced weapon.


Having left his sword upstairs the night before, Bungo was unarmed. Looking around for a weapon, his eyes fixed on a particularly large and bulbous Hero Sausage that was flopping wetly on the ground around his feet. He hefted the rubbery meat-sword with one large hand and prepared for battle as another two bolts slammed home into the straining wood.


As Bungo was struggling to think of a way out of his predicament, an unexpected scuffle broke out on the other side of the room. It seemed that Shallica had leapt onto the bounty hunter’s back and was busy putting her incisors to work on the soft tissue of his exposed ear. The man threw her to the ground a moment later, although she fell away with his dismembered ear still grasped grimly in her razor-like teeth.  Screaming in pain; he aimed down and prepared to finish the insatiable she-demon with the weapon that she had failed to wrestle from his grasp.


In that deadly instant Bungo leapt from behind his barricade and let fly with the flopping meat-sabre. The sausage flew through the air like some ghastly blimp before impacting in a wet splosh on his adversary’s dumbstruck face. The man reeled back momentarily in pain and the opening was all the time Bungo needed to tackle him to porridge soaked the ground.


The two men wrestled through the creamy juice in a life or death struggle. At some point Bungo had torn the shirt from his adversary’s back and the two underpants-clad combatants were now covered in greasy white porridge. The scene continued for several minutes, with neither man particularly gaining the upper hand as the fight devolved into one of the most homo-erotic combats that would ever be fought. Occasionally the bounty hunter would reach for his crossbow, only to have it batted away across the room. The undulating man-wadge seemed to show no signs of separation any time soon.


After dusting herself off, Shallica had resumed her position shooing away the on-looking villagers, and was now seated on a tall bar stool with a good view of the action. She occasionally hovered above them or behind for a “close-up” when Bungo was in a particularly suggestive pose, but couldn’t stay on her feet to long in the face of such rapture.


As the fight entered its sixth minute, Bungo finally seemed to get the upper hand. Straddling his opponent’s chest and pinning him to the ground, he reached out and snatched a jellied hero sausage from the gooey floor.


“Your death would’ve been a lot cleaner if I had my sword!”


The Man’s eyes grew wide with terror as realisation dawned on him. Bungo grabbed his opponent’s mouth in one powerful hand; prising it open. With escape impossible, he slammed the bulbous sausage home straight down the bounty hunter’s throat. The meat-sabre disappeared twelve inches into the unwilling orifice and stuck hard.


“Choke on my meat!” Grunted Bungo as he clamped the man’s mouth shut. The scene was punctuated aptly, as his adversary’s wheezing breath sent a spray of creamy goo slapping onto the barbarian’s oily chest.


With a sound like a blocked drain gargling its last, the bounty hunter’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and his body went limp in Bungo’s grasp.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

PanOceania Nisses

The next finished model for my PanOceania faction. I really like this model (who doesn't like a cool cyber-sniper). He performs well in games too, which always helps!

I had a bit of indecision about what colour to go for with his trench coat, but in the end I chose a sort of pale grey off-white colour. It seemed to fit well and while I had originally thought of doing it red, it seemed a bit too garish and I wanted the focus to mostly be on the armour.

Again, I've been trying to emulate Angel's style here; going for a sort of blended NMM/Ceramic type look. It seems to be working out, but that guy just makes it look so easy and gets such clean results. I can only dream....

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

PanOceania Sikh Commando

Things have been a bit quiet on the hobby front for me for the last few days. With that in mind, I decided it was the perfect time to break out some shots of my Infinity stuff that I've been slowly working on for some time.

A week or two ago I was digging through some of my work in progress drawer when I came across most of the PanOceania starter set from Operation Icestorm (the starter kit for infinity). I had painted some of the models, but most of them had been undercoated and airbrushed with the basic blue colour blend without having any of the details finished. In a moment of hobby indecision, I picked them up and started working on them just because it seemed easy and they were nice models.

Anyway, this is the Sikh Commando, which is a sort of drop trooper (hence the techno-pack on his back). I'm really happy with the way he came out - especially the blend on the armour panels and the overall effect it has given. I've relied heavily upon the trachings of Angel Giraldez for this one and his rather interesting Masterclass book (well recommended for anyone with an interest in airbrushing or infinity).

One of the things I've really enjoyed when painting Infinity stuff is not just the really nice sculpts they're producing, but also the semblance to modern day. It was cool to be able to cut a length of old spear pole to shape and use as a drinks can on his base - I like the look a lot and it's one of those touches that would just be totally "wrong" in 40k, but makes a nice feature here.

I'll be posting more of the faction later this week, so stay tuned for some more shiny blue dudes!

I'm rather happy with the "Cola" can on his base.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Bungo the Barbarian, Chapter 11 - The Hero’s Sausage

The road back to town had been arduous and rather pungent. Thankfully an unscheduled downpour had washed Bungo and Shallica’s forms free of the heady mixture of greasy sweat, mud, and raw sewage.


The barbarian trudged into Derrowville and headed straight towards the inn in a daze of exhaustion. He was still cradling Shallica’s unconscious form, although in truth she had come to her senses some time ago, and was merely staying quiet and feigning stretching in her sleep intermittently as an excuse to variously grope and fondle Bungo’s herculean physique.


Heedless of this, Bungo casually booted down the inn door and lurched through the entrance. As his sleepy eyes adjusted to the dark interior, he almost tripped headlong over the festering corpse of the Sauranite Warrior he had vanquished almost a week earlier. It seemed that the lizard-beast’s generous frame had proven too much for the villagers to move unaided, and they had simply given up halfway across the room.  With no other option open to them, they had dressed the grim remnants with furs in an attempt to disguise them as some kind of beer-hall bench.


It wasn’t very convincing.


With little energy left and in dire need of sleep; Bungo climbed the creaking stairs to his room. He laid Shallica down on the rough-hewn wooden bed; before dropping like a stone to the hard mattress with a hollow thump and falling into a feverish sleep.



“My belly-box is empty! I need food!” Roared the barbarian; the words were muffled by a huge mouthful of what the Innkeeper described only as “Hero Sausage”, but realistically might well have been made of the Sauranite’s processed remains. Bungo had awoken with a huge appetite and had seated himself in the tavern; surreptitiously ordering every single item on the menu and two of anything with meat in it. His words were accompanied by a generous spray of half eaten offal as the rubbery foodstuffs escaped his enthusiastic mouth.


Shallica had been dazedly watching the excessive overeater for over an hour. In truth there had been several times when a crowd had begun to gather to stare at the outlandish spectacle that was Bungo eating breakfast, but she had chased them away; variously biting and scrabbling any who dared to overstay their welcome. She was determined not to share him with anyone else, and had barely tolerated the innkeeper’s presence, who was sweating nervously on the other side of the bar, and had been quietly praying for the outlandish pair to move on before he had another suspiciously smelly “beer-bench” to worry about.


As the barbarian finished off a particularly chewy chunk of sausage that curiously seemed to have scales, his meal was interrupted by the sound of approaching hoof beats. The loud clacking sound came to an end just outside of the saloon door. There was the tell-tale noise of someone dismounting, followed by footsteps across the shoddy wooden decking. A moment later the tavern was bathed in light as the doors were flung open and a tall figure strode into the room.


Clad in a long black cape and wide-brimmed traveller’s hat; the man was somewhat conspicuous to say the least. Bungo eyed the new arrival’s grizzled face with interest as he approached the innkeeper and they entered into a hushed conversation. Their whispered words were lost entirely to Bungo; drowned out by the loud smacking noise as he heartily slurped another sausage down.


It wasn’t until the innkeeper gestured reluctantly in the barbarian’s direction and the man began to move towards him that Bungo realised something was wrong. It was at that moment he noticed the large copper medallion hanging around the man’s neck.


“A bounty hunter?” the question hung in the air for a second, but was soon answered; the dark stranger drew a rapid-fire crossbow from under his cowl and took aim right between Bungo’s eyes.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Legion Wars - The Magic of Small Games

Today I'm taking a moment to look at something I personally really enjoy, but is often stomped underfoot by larger more flashy things - small games. Some of the best games I've ever played had less than 20 models a side, and I can't count the number of Friday night 500 point games I've played.

I've even dug out some old photo's of "Legion Wars" an escalation campaign that I started with my brother when we began our respective Salamanders and Night Lords forces. As we were both starting out we decided to make a rule that we could only field painted models from our new armies and gradually worked up the cost to about 500 points in the end by making week by week additions to the forces. At first we even took away unit coherency and let every model operate by themselves as long as they were outside of 2" of each other, letting them freely form and dissolve units at will in the smallest 5 a side skirmishes.

In the increasingly big game obsessed world where you can't swing a lasgun without hitting a phalanx of allied Imperial Knights, I thought it might be time to look at the pros of small games. I've given a list below, and man, does it make me want to play a small game!

10 Reasons to Enjoy a Small Game for a Change

  1. You don't have to paint as many models. Meaning you can spend more time on the ones you have and actually stand a chance at getting them finished!
  2. Your infantry are more effective, as the battle will be far more focused on them and the part they play.
  3. There is less room for "broken lists". In 500 points you'll struggle to fit 2 troops choices and an HQ in, let alone all those Riptides and Wraithguard!
  4. Every man counts - you can't waste your units when there's no backup!
  5. You don't have to buy as many models - save money and add to the collection slowly, rather than aiming for 3000 points right off the bat!
  6. The narrative is better. It's just true, in a smaller game those small accomplishments are more memorable - when Captain Brellion sacrifices himself to lay a Melta-Bomb on your dreadnought and they die in a glorious blaze you'll be talking about it for weeks. Less so if the dreadnought was ruined by a pile of Centurions from half the table away, before the whole thing is incinerated by a Titan moments later with no real effort of dynamism.
  7. A faster game - one you can fit in on a weeknight and still have time to relax in front of the TV (and also enough time to avoid that marital dispute that's coming because you've been taking too much time on your hobby!!). Less set up time, and less time to pack away too.
  8. Easier rules - Having trouble keeping track of all those formations and blanket special rules from your opponents codex? Not such a problem when they only have 4 units on the field.
  9. Drama in small places - suddenly a Dreadnought or Carnifex is a behemoth of the battlefield - with the comparative resilience of a super-heavy. You'll enjoy seeing those sometimes forgotten units shine for a change.
  10. Power to the people - some of the less popular horde armies suddenly seem rather powerful, try fighting a swarm of hormagaunts at 500 points and see if you can make it past turn 3! 

Sir... something's wrong with this planet, the horizon ends 15 feet away - and did you see the size of that cat!

Unfortunately, this outflanking manoeuvre didn't really go as planned...

You'll also become a better player and learn a lot tactically when you don't have those ever-present "big guns" to back you up. When every shot counts and you've got no super heavies to do the hard work - try getting it done with an autocannon for a change, like a real man!

You have to admit - it looks dramatic already, but when was the last time you thought that when 2 scouts shot at a single marine in the open?

Without the issue of unit coherency, the squad were finally free to get some space between their noses and Sergeant Bathinko's flatulence.

I knight you Sir Decapitatallus, you may now rise.... oh wait...

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Raging Heroes TGG2 Sister Trematta Painted

A closer look at the base.

The title of the post pretty much says it all. I tried to paint sister Trematta in colours more in keeping with her Nun attire, whilst also still bringing back those greens and weathered looks.

Now I have two painted models I might have to think of something to do with them - anyone up for a game of Mordheim? They'd make great Witch Hunters or Sisters of Sigmar!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Bungo the Barbarian, Chapter 10 - The Stench of Success

The entire dungeon shook violently as Bungo made his escape. Together with Shallica he had managed to put some distance between himself and the overloading doomsday machine, but he was still being pursued by the rapidly expanding energy bubble. He occasionally dared to glance back into the blinding florescence of the cataclysm, but there wasn’t much to see; the bubble was disintegrating everything in its path.

As they rounded another twisting corner, the corridor seemed to convulse for a moment as reality began to crumble; Bungo’s top heavy heroic form wasn’t well suited to balance and he staggered into a straining dungeon wall. The wall collapsed in a dusty explosion and Bungo fell through the breach; landing in a panting heap on the mossy floor.

“Moss?” queried the barbarian, addressing nobody in particular. It was at that moment that a heroic epiphany came upon him.

“This way” he hollered boomingly; his mighty voice was partially drowned out by the rumbling of the cataclysm. Shallica appeared in the air above him moments later as he barrelled headlong down the dank passageway.

“Moss means water!” he yelled above the crumbling cacophony as his feet beat a rampant tattoo on the overgrown stonework beneath him. Taking a running jump, Bungo’s mighty form shaped a human cannon-ball as he burst through the next wall; plunging straight into a previously undiscovered underground river.

“By Donglore!” gargled Bungo; spitting out a large quantity of rancid water. In truth it wasn’t so much an underground river that he had dived into, but more a purpose built Derpo sewage aqueduct. The incorrigible barbarian fought to keep his head above the foamy waters and away from the sea of raw faeces that were floating by, but simultaneously holding his breath and his nose was draining his strength as much as navigating the tumultuous rapids.

A great splash momentarily distracted the hero as Shallica’s unconscious form dropped into the aqueduct’s murky waters. Unknown to the barbarian, her flight had been arrested when she was overcome with the heady fumes; the reeking miasma had proved too much for her delicate demonic sensitivities and her well-formed body was now rolling adrift amongst the waves.


Bungo’s muscular arms scythed through a particularly gigantic floater as he tore through the water towards her. He managed to retrieve her unconscious form just in time to see a light at the end of the cavern ahead of them, growing closer by the second.

“Excelsior!” the cry of victory was cut short as Bungo once again regretted opening his mouth; having taken on another gulp of filthy water punctuated by what appeared to be a half-digested corn cobb.

Spluttering uncontrollably; the filthy pair emerged from the mountain’s underbelly with only moments to spare. There was a loud rumbling sound from deep inside the temple; punctuated by a blinding flash of light as the edifice collapsed in on itself. The once proud entranceway was the last thing to disappear into the dusty ground; leaving no sign that the dungeon had ever existed.

Bungo hauled himself from the river bank with a grunt of exertion; placing Shallica’s comparatively diminutive form on the dewy ground. She was breathing steadily, but showed no signs of regaining consciousness any time soon.

“They will never know of my heroic struggles, but I require no thanks from the realms of men.”

Bungo had turned into the slowly rising sun and was busy forming a grimly heroic silhouette in the foggy morning air. His hair billowed fiercely in the westerly wind that blew across the vale and his face was stern; steely in contemplation. The image would’ve been somewhat more evocative if it weren’t for the generous lashings of raw sewage that were running down his chin and splattering messily against the ground at his feet.

With no audience to appreciate his dramatically herculean musings, Bungo began the long walk back to town in silence with Shallica firmly wedged under one bulging arm.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Converted Chaos Defiler - The Best Conversion Ever?

Is this the best conversion ever? What if I told you it was made from a Chaos Defiler which is widely recognised as an incredibly ugly model?

Am I feeling full of myself today?


In truth though, the model is almost 100% Defiler parts - with the legs being made out of the largest crab claws and the arms made of the smaller ones. The torso is also all Defiler, but it has been rotated and cut about to make what you see now.

One of the hardest parts was building a serviceable pelvis as the part from the Defiler kit has attachments for all of the additional legs. Other than that I used some Mauler Fiend parts on the arms.

I still need to do a bunch of greenstuff work - especially on the Battle Cannon arm and the joints on the legs where I had to cut things about. After that I have to paint the thing, which should be a hell of a task. Maybe I'll try and do it for this years Dreadtober if Greg will let me enter the thing! (What it's an armour 12 walker!).

Size wise it's about 8" tall - making it taller than an Imperial Knight, but not as burly. It is fun to be able to poke out behind buildings and use them as cover like an infantry model behind a wall.

Here's hoping Chaos get a boost in the next Codex and it goes up to armour 13! (also a points cost cut might be nice if it doesn't).

Monday, 8 August 2016

Raging Heroes TGG2 Freebie - Sister Celenia, Scout Painted

After last week's unboxing I promised further updates. As usual I've gone beyond the call of duty to bring you a completely finished miniature; resplendent with scenic base and all the trimmings.

One of the things I really enjoyed when painting this model was actually something quite rare for the world of miniatures - namely that there is no "official" colour scheme. In fact, there is no scheme at all as the models were rendered in grey 3d vision during the kickstarter and the actual design sketches were done in a monochromatic pen and ink style - leaving me open to let my imagination run wild.

It is actually quite funny to look at this render and compare it with my finished miniature. I guess with Raging Heroes, what you see during the campaign really is what you get at the end!

Her concept sketch is "day 1" in the picture above.

I had the fanciful idea of doing a blue green armour - half inspired by the Alpha Legion colours, although I wanted to go a bit lighter and more angelic. The colour palette selection was also inspired by an old video game I've been replaying; Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver. For anyone so pitifully unfortunate not to know it was a hit on the PS1 from 1999 that features the ability to shift from the physical to the spectral realm (spirit world) at will. It uses a really scenic palette of dusty greys and haunting greens that I wanted to take a little slice of. I did a lot of greenish weathering hues on the base to try to capture a bit of the feel of the game.

For the other colours I decided to stick with more traditional nunnery fare; with black and white featuring heavily in the scheme.

Anyway, after spending Saturday painting dutifully, I finished the miniature and I'm really happy with the results. Like I said earlier, there haven't been any painted before the release, so this just might be the first complete version of her in existence. 

Here's hoping Raging Heroes like the colour scheme and it catches on!

A picture of the model after being primed - you can really see the quality of the detail clearly. I should also mention the the scenic base is a resin piece by Scibor Miniatures, with a few additional bits and pieces added on.

Well, that about rounds it up. I'll be working on more Raging Heroes  miniatures soon, so stay tuned for the next update.