Sunday, 5 June 2016

Necron Showcase

Well, I finished the "start collecting" box in one week with time in hand. Now I've got nothing better to do than sit back and take pictures of them - actually I'm already working on expanding the force with 8 more warriors (to make 2 units of 10), 4 more bases of Scarabs and a Spyder in the pipeline. Who thinks I can finish those by next week?

To see what inspired all of this progress, check out the other articles on this project:


  1. Looks fantastic! We need to battle them against my Skitarii.

    1. Probably soon - before they start growing again!

  2. hey what colours do i need to buy to paint my necrons like yours. im going to paint them with brushes i dont have a airbrush gun


    The link is for an article I wrote on how I paint orange. It's basically the same scheme as my Necrons and uses all the same colours. The airbrush makes it quicker, but you could still get good results with a brush - just skip the white pre-shade and highlight with yellow.