Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The World's Biggest Deff Dread - Scale Comparison

I've posted about my Deff Dread before, but with just pictures of the beast itself it seemed to be lacking perspective. I had the camera out the other day and thought it would be quite amusing to take some pictures with other units for scale.

As you can see a standard Dreadnought makes it about half way up his mighty thigh, while even the proud Contemptor is only waist high - with the full model being about 3 times it's height. I'm using a Chaos Chosen and an old Escher ganger to show human and marine scales next to it too. All in all it makes for a hell of a centrepiece for the army (well until I finish that colossal Battle-Wagon that is...)

Hmmmm .... and now to paint the thing. I think I'm gonna need a bigger brush! (Vindicator for scale).

If you missed my other posts on the Deff Dread, you can find them here:

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Stay tuned for more on that Battlewagon in the future too.


  1. Dude! That is like freaking Howl's Moving Castle! XD

    1. It was actually inspired by an Emperor Titan, but yeah - it didn't occur to me how similar they are. It is hilarious that it costs less than 100 points to field though!