Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Blowcase - An Internet Revolution

Most people like to show really nice models on their blogs, but I'm getting tired of all that. I mean, if you suck at painting it can't be very inspirational to be barraged with pictures of wonderful things. With that in mind - welcome to Blowcase. The segment that celebrates the best of the worst, All from my very own extensive miniature library. That's right, I'm not pointing the finger at other people here, but sharing some of my very own fugly works and proudly declaring "This Blows!".

This week, for your viewing pleasure I have a delightful beast man that was actually a piece from the D&D Diablo II miniatures game. I bet you never new that existed!

Such colours. The tattoos are particularly nice. Bloody axe tops it though.

Improving a Horrible Paint Job

In a lesser article I might have left it there, but then I got to thinking - despite the general horribleness of this paint job it wouldn't be that hard to fix. I decided to take just 15 minutes and challenged myself to see if I could correct what ails him. I started with a thick brown wash for the whole model and then moved on to highlighting the flesh (in the process getting rid of the tattoos). In the end I just went berserk trying to get as much done as possible.

All in all I think it came out quite well when you compare it to the how it looked earlier. The model is still horrible though! I guess paint can't save a bad sculpt!

I suppose the lesson here really is that you should always use a wash to get definition and depth and then highlight up from there. I'd also recommend staying away from tattoos and blood effects till you're ready.

Join me next time for another thrilling Blowcase. I'm not sure what masterpiece I'll be showcasing, but one thing is for certain - it'll blow.

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