Friday, 31 January 2020

Sisters of Battle - Squad Complete (new plastic models)

I finished my first squad of new battle sisters. These come from the army box set, and use a matching scheme with my Everchosen entry from a few months ago.

They're really nice models. I have to admit, that I was beginning to think that we would never see the mythical plastic sisters in this lifetime, but here they are! They were easy enough to build, but I painted them as a batch, and with a scheme this complex, it was a bit ambitious. It was just too many layers of paint coupled with a massive amount of detail that made it a bit of a slog to the finish in the end. I started painting them in December and made it about 3/4 of the way through, then ran out of steam and had to do some different projects for a bit to build up strength for the final push!

I'm happy with they came out, but a bit daunted to tackle the rest of the box. That said, Squaduary is coming up again soon and I have those small units of Repentia and Flagellants to work on, so that might help push through a little more of the force.

The paint scheme itself is started with an airbrushed coat of purple that is highlighted in purple and white before being given a coat of Vallejo Transparent Red. After I've set the basic blend on the armour up, it's all brush work till the end. I enjoy painting the yellow parts, but the robes are a bit of a pain. They just become very monotonous to paint given their size and the number of clean layers required. Overall, they're a nice looking squad, and a great start to the army. I also repainted my older converted Exorcist to match the scheme, so I'll do a post about that soon.

Ready to face the forces of Chaos?

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Necromunda - Zombie Hoard, Complete

As part of my prep work for some upcoming Necromunda games, I painted these 18 zombies... in a single day. They're a basic sheme, and I did cut corners to make the whole process bearable. Despite obviously rushing through them, I'm quite happy with how they look, and I used a few basic tricks to get a bit of colour depth without spending too much time on each model.

If you're wondering about the models, the vast majority of these come from Mantic; either the Kings of War Zombie Hoard, or Deadzone's plague faction. There are a few other models thrown in, which I think are from Sedition Wars. I've had all of them for a long time, as I bought a load to use in gaames and then painted a dozen or so and shelved the rest. I figure at some point we were bound to need more, so I thought I'd get a jump on it. The campaign we're planning is a sort of cooperative zombie bash up, so should be great fun, and a variety of models can only help.

If you look closely, you'll see some zombies have guns. Two are from the Plague faction of Deadzone, the other two that look like riot cops are conversions using a mash-up of the Kings of War Zombies, some spare Maelstrom's Edge bits and some Anvil parts.

All in all, it made for a fun weekend project. I guess it's time to bring on the games! I'm planning to run a feature later on the actual games and how they go, so it should be good.

Thursday, 23 January 2020

28mm Anime Miniature - Klukva "Sniper Waifu" (Yoko Littner) Complete

I've always wanted to see someone make an anime style figure in 28mm scale. A few manufacturers out there that get close, but none of them really seemed quite right or were really what I was looking for. I often check out what Klukva miniatures are up to ( - you can find them on Instagram and Facebook too), and I was delighted to see them branching out into some anime style miniatures. Some long term readers might remember my review for their vampires from a year or two ago ( After that initial purchase, I knew I could rely on them for good quality. I'm not really writing a review this time, but I have to say that I think their casting quality is even better this time!

You can see the work I did on her eyes from this angle

Anyway, I picked up this "Sniper Waifu" miniature from them. She was a pre-order along with some other bits, so it was a bit of a wait till everything shipped out, but for a fun purchase and a painting project I don't mind waiting. If you know your anime, you might recognise the design as being based on Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann. I basically followed through and tried to paint as closely to the original character as possible.

Speaking of painting, she made for quite a fun project. I finished her in a day over the weekend. She is incredibly tiny and fine though - see the picture below! I did wonder if I'd be able to paint her eyes and things how I wanted as although they're big for the scale of the miniature, they're still pretty tiny. In particular, I used some washes to get more defined shading and did a blue/black highlight for the gun which was something new that I haven't tried before (but I probably will again!)

I use that bit of sponge propping the penny up to weather tanks!

That about rounds it out. I've actually been doing quite a bit of hobby lately, so there should be more posts soon. Like a lot of people, I started working on some of the new Sisters of Battle over Christmas as well as other projects, so more soon. I've also got a few more Klukva miniatures in the pipeline...