Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Long Weekend - Part 2, Orange Necrons Abound

Well, the weekend is over and it's time to take stock of my hobby target. I really didn't think things would go this well. I picked up the Start Collecting Necrons box on Saturday morning - I spent the rest of that day building it all (finally finishing the stalker at midnight). The next day I broke out the airbrush and went to work. By the end of the day I had a completed Necron Lord and a single finished warrior. I'd also finished painting 3 bases of Scarabs because they were just so outrageously easy to paint!

Then on Monday I went to work on the bulk of the warriors that I'd base coated with the airbrush the day before. It was a bit of a slog, but I painted 11 of them by the end of the day. So, with that my weekend of hobby madness came to an end. I still have that stalker to go, but feast your eyes on the army so far - pretty badass right!

I hope that dastardly Ed from BERSERKER BLADE is quaking in his pathetically organic fleshy shell. The "Start Collecting" battle is well underway!

If you missed out on part 1 and are still wondering what could've inspired all of this madness, then find it here:

Part 1


  1. Very nice man. Such progress in such a short time, very impressive.

  2. Also, love the scarab crawling up the superglue cap!

    1. Oh no, my secrets have been discovered!