Thursday, 19 May 2016

Emperor's Children Kakophoni/Noise Marines

I've been hard at work again. This time I've been painting up some Forgeworld Kakophoni to use in my unit of Noise Marines. The unit is comprised of 5 Kakophoni built straight as they come from Forgeworld (as why mess with perfection) and 5 converted marines built using resin sonic weapons and some other parts from my bitz box.

Every unit needs a few Blastmasters (and if you don't field Chaos, no I didn't just make that word up, or make a confusing reference to Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome). At S8 AP3 ignores cover, pinning, blast, they're one hell of a heavy weapon. The only downside is that the unit costs an astronomical number of points, but the firepower is immense. It's hilarious to watch a horde of 30 Hormagaunts disintegrate in a single turn of fire. The only downside is that opponents tend to remember what happened and don't make the same mistake twice!

I also did a champion with a power sword and Doom Siren, because what the hell, there's no point in holding back now.

Tactically they combine well with a Sorcerer as there is a nice Slaanesh Psychic Power that adds 1 to the strength of noise weapons against a chosen unit - turning those Sonic Blasters into a veritable wall of Heavy Bolters. A Chaos Lord with the mark of Slaanesh is an equally good option as he makes them a troops choice!


  1. Your scheme is so inspiring. I can't wait to get mine to work on. Yours are just so beautiful!

  2. Thanks. I don't know if you saw, but in the Palatine blades article I answered a comment about the colours I use. If you want to go for a similar look, then it might be useful.

    1. I saw it. I am definitely going to be experimenting. I really love the contrast the green is giving everything. It was a great idea and works so well!