Sunday, 7 August 2022

Horus Heresy Blood Angels Praetor 30k - complete!

Today's update is my completed Blood Angels Praetor. This guy took a while to paint - he's pretty large for an infantry model and there was a lot of detail to get to grips with - actually the biggest factor slowing me down was deciding which colour to put where. 

If you missed my three previous posts about the army, I suggest going back to the front page and reading them! (Go ahead, I'll wait... no really...)

My heresy blood angels are taking strong inspiration from 2nd edition and rogue trader art, and this guy continues the theme proudly with some hazard stripes and black flames. 

He does have a name too - Del'Ragius! Named after the legendary hero Eugene Del'Ragio (an imperial guard sergeant from my youth, there is an article on here about him somewhere). Suffice to say, the hairstyle, eyebrows and blue colour ended up making my Praetor look a bit like him, so I decided it was high time to revive the legend! 

Actually, the cloak was a lot of fun - an excuse to have a go at the equally old school yellow on black flames! 

Layering the yellow to a smooth finish was a bit of a pain in the ass, but  it certainly makes for a nice bold feature. 

That about rounds up that post, I still have to post the Rhinos, terminators, bikes and scouts, so chances are one of those units will be up on the Blog soon! 



  1. Great looking commander! I'm still deciding on how I want to convert mine...

    1. It's quite a good model to modify. I was tempted to try and get a double handed grip on his sword, but decided not to in the interests of actually finishing stuff!

  2. Replies
    1. A sword... something something, Soul Edge.... the legend. Oruhhh, no good, etc