Monday, 7 March 2016

Sci-Fi Names List

So, you're playing a skirmish game and something seems to be missing. Sure, Orlock ganger 1 is doing well with his autogun, but where's the character. For skirmish games I always find that naming my characters increases the enjoyment a lot. After all when Breezy and Wintleberry round the corner only to get vaporised by Noobler's plasma cannon it's a lot more entertaining than gangers 1, 2 and 3.

For larger games like 40k I only name my characters. Ideally before their first battle, so the names stick - you can then immortalise them in paint under their bases and there you have it - the legend will never die.

You can also combine the names below - for example "Zoltan Kresnick - Chief Librarian of the Prowling Gibbons". Well, I made that up, but it does sound more interesting than "that blue guy with the sword".

Names List:

Barbaroi, Blorth, Shrent, Chrone, Elgar, Guiver, Spazmo, Dolph, Gabe, Brad, Kurt, Guardo, Harpo, Bjorn, Annaconda, Werewolf, Astro, Lizard, Newt, Xill, Zill, Gibbon, Wyvern, Mu, Elle, Luca, Blango, Lupo, Bort, Bubba, Jean-Paul, Nel, Septo, Gazmo, Gizmar, Pez, Duke, Lance, Tony, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Abyss, Paz, Tag, Berk, Burk, Crowther, Rory, Baxter, Knight, Rook, Ace, Priest, Pope, Bishop, Wayland, Bram, Zephyr, Lazlo, Lorenzo, Lunchbox, Blurnz, Jom, Jamo, Jamone (lee), Marv, Syndrone, Syndro, Sinner, Bugs, Brock, Trick(s), Nyx, Styx, Lacey, Pixel, Pixie, Dixie, Luna, Kresnick, Abel, Kein/Kain/Cain, Rotor, Gator, Shalozar, Lazmar, Lazmo, Jorick, Lilith, Zardon, Rogan, Hogan, Hoolahan, McNelly, The Unit, Shrendo, Gigmus, Bruckade, Pokaro, Sellford, Wintleberry, Eugene, Kindler, Tripod, Bipod, Quadraped, Quadro, Tribore, Kibore, Slybore, Noth, Nolt, Noblar, Noobler, Brick, Bolt, Rock, Breeze, Breezy, Bags, Boomer, Bomah, Big Mah, Bigmar, Gigmar, Blaggins, Blanigan, Branigan, Reptile, Roth, Cervantes, Su, Gogan, Wilderness, Wilf, Wiggins, Jazreko, Vex, Hex, Pecs, Doom, Phobos, Flisk, Flesk, Plesk, Kesk, Kisk, Maroone, Macaroone, Harkon, Harkono, Harkonus, Tekno, Blekno, Mekno, Meknolite, Stitch, Cammy, Cambo, Blambo, Monk, Eclipse, Total, Manny, Skuzmo, Longinus, Artimus, Arturis, Elbore, McSteel, Brannigan, Judge, Atlus, Leda, Layla, Tattoo, Statham, Strato, Hilda, Riz, Brennan, Slade, Dinosaur, Faith, Despair, Chaos, Decimator, Prime, Primal, Primus, Jesse, Jessie, Devil, Demon, Oni, Ogre, Goblin, Unicorn, Pegasus, Orc, Troll, Gnoll, Borgof, Krass, Kraus, Crash, Krash, Kurn, Zoltan, Zack, Zak, Braces, Krystal, Crystal, Liquid, Solid, Nitro, Light, Blaze, Trip, Tripp, Skip, Chip, Mastodon, Juggernaut, Rhino, Mammoth, Harper, Kingsley, Saffron, Cromwell, Isaac, Clarke, Chlomo, Chronic, Ripper, Hellebore, Danziber, Danziger, Danziver, Harpie, Wisk,

Combine, adjust, add and enjoy...

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