Sunday, 27 March 2016

Replacing Orks in an all Grot army

When I first started my all Grot army I knew that there would be one place in the force where the inclusion of Orks would be unavoidable; Runtherdz. I needed to create a model that would have the weapons of a slaver, and would be an obvious proxy. In the end I created "Cybork Riders" using a selection of spare parts (like most of the army, converting with green skins is a free form pleasure!). For this model one of the legs and a large portion of the body is actually a burna, combined with a burna boy head that I got from the bitz box at my local hobby store. I also used a few spare stikk bombs as the make great robotic looking parts.

I really like the tall gangly look - if only it didn't make them so vulnerable in games!


  1. That looks so strange and cumbersome.

    I love it XD

  2. i'm not even going to lie buddy i'm going to probably still that idea for my grot revolution