Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Orange Bike of Doom

A while ago, I started painting up this bike for use with my Yu Jing force (technically, it's an Aleph model, but I couldn't resist). Anyway, I finished her over the weekend, and I'm over the moon with how the orange bike came out. She looks great with the force too.

I based the highlights heavily on Angel Giraldez's work. One of the reasons I bought this bike was specifically because she was covered in his first masterclass book and I wanted to give it a go myself; albeit with rather different colours. Out of all of the pictures, this group shot actually displays her in a way that is very true to what the model looks like in person (for some reason, photos often tend to change colours or warp things a bit). 

If you missed it, you can read how I painted the orange here:


She is actually featured in the tutorial, so it's well worth checking out if you're interested. Speaking of the method, I've now updated it to include an extra step; pure white highlights to create a "shine" at key points. They do tend to disappear a bit in the photos, but do make a big difference in person.

True to form, I've included a dynamic shot too for your viewing pleasure. I've got a lot of Yu Jing cluttering up my painting table at the moment, so stay tuned as hopefully there'll be more of them appering on here over the next few weeks.


  1. That's a really lovely job there mate!!

    1. Thanks. I was really happy with her.

      It's just a shame that posts about Infinity get a lot less attention than the 40k ones. I should've titled it "40k 8th Edition - and also some junk that I painted". That'd be money right there!

  2. Nicely done chief. Can it not be used in that force?

    1. Well, it is a model from another force, but you can take bikes in Yu Jing, so it isn't entirely unusable. It's a bit like painting your Centurions red and using them as World Eaters Obliterators!