Tuesday, 16 May 2017

TT Combat Power Plant - with added bits

I painted this power plant recently for my brother. The thing is made of laser cut MDF, and produced by Troll Trader as part of the TT combat range. Never one to skimp on the extra effort, my brother has added a few accessories from one of TT Combat packs (the balcony and waste bins).

From my standpoint, I'm not ashamed to say that my goal was to blast this thing out as quickly as possible. With that in mind, I blasted it up with the airbrush at great speed. I gave it a good coat of grey primer, then shaded with a little orange before highlighting with white. That gave me a good base, and I then went in with a little dark grey for some added interest. Obviously, I also painted the bins red, which I had on hand as I was painting some miniatures on the side! All in all, it took me a total of about 90 minutes to get it looking like this.

The holo-add is a piece by Micro Art Studio

I took the time to add a few additional details on the bins and on some of the walls. The cool part is that this thing is modular, so you can arrange it into a number of different positions (most of which were too big for my photo backing!). It should be a blast in games.

The radar dishes can be moved around too, as well as the bins to give it even more flexibility. I'd love to say that I was finished, but there is plenty more scenery where this thing came from and right now I'm just trying to paint it as he builds it; otherwise we both risk being buried under mountains of the stuff!

It looks great with some miniatures on it too. Here's hoping for many fun games to come.


  1. Looks awesome man! On Saturday, the battle for the power plant shall commence!

    1. By Grabthar's Hammer, what scenery! ... or something.

  2. It looks well for that time frame for surw. Bravo.

    1. Thanks. When it comes to terrain, I have a really short attention span - anything over an hour is a real push!

      I want nice terrain, but I'm just not willing to work too hard to get it. I think it's the reason I really like this prefabricated MDF stuff as I don't have to work too hard to build it, and it's also really cheap!