Thursday, 7 July 2016

Age of Sigmar/Fantasy - Undead

I like a little variety in my projects, so in contrast to my usual 40k I've got some fantasy for you all today. I painted this unit of skeletons purely because I wanted to, and for no other reason that that.

I have to admit that the new models really are nice. When I compare them to the old skeletons that I had in about 2000 (when I had my second ever army - Vampire Counts) the difference in the quality of the miniatures is marked. I really love the feeling of decay - the rust on the weapons and the holes in the shields. It's very evocative and really breathes life (somewhat ironically) into these models.

I like them so much that I actually bought some of the "new" (to me) Black Knights too (pictured below). Remember when they were Mounted Wights?

I converted the head slightly as I like the "Death" look

Anyway, I'm off now to flay the living and eat their still warm flesh. I'll catch you all later for tomorrow's exciting episode of Bungo the Barbarian (If you missed it - his exciting adventures can be found here: Bungo The Barbarian)


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    1. Oh, and lovely Skellies too boot!

    2. Does this mean ... *gasp* Somebody actually reads Bungo? And enjoys it?

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  3. I really dig this color scheme. Very, very nice ^^

  4. New follower, Bungo is very funny, big fan.