Friday, 8 July 2016

Bungo the Barbarian - Chapter 6, A Fortune in Gold Pantaloons.

"A Thief!"declared Bungo loudly. His booming voice reverberated deafeningly around the chamber like the rumbling of distant thunder; only far more ear-splitting.

Shallica eyed the small man quizzically as the titanic barbarian held him aloft by his hooded jerkin.

"Do you have like ..." She paused thinking "any proof at all?". Bungo's headlong charge down the corridor had been arrested when he had come across a small prison complex buried at the heart of the dungeon. After freeing most of the captured travellers, he had plucked one man from the crowd as they raced to freedom.

"I have this" insisted Bungo; shaking the man roughly by the scruff of the neck to exaggerate the point. His seemingly innocuous victim was turning greener by the second from a mix of asphyxiation and an afore-unknown type of motion sickness brought on by the barbarian's gyrations.

"I see a small, slightly fat man in a hood" Shallica insisted. She was secretly enjoying the reparte as she gazed longingly into Bungo's dark eyes.

"A hood!" Bungo roared as though the statement made perfect sense.

"Only a thief would wear a hood; for secrecy!" The barbarian continued enthusiastically "an elf can be determined by his pointy ears, a barbarian by his leather pants." He paused to pull up his own leather pants unnecessarily as if to make the point. "And a thief by his hood!" Bungo made the last statement as though he was sharing some sagely golden-nugget of truth.

"I don't think..." Shallica began. She was interrupted mid sentence as Bungo had started to shake the man more vigarously in an effort to prove his point. There was a loud crashing noise as a fortune in gold doubloons dislodged itself from the man's straining breeches.

Shallica could only stand silently; dumbfounded by the efficacy of Bungo's primitive logic.

"Excelsior!" Boomed the barbarian; suitably drop-kicking the now unconscious thief back into one of the prison cells, before scooping up his bounty and dashing further into the complex. Shallica followed in his wake with a vacant look of dazed adoration.

As the barbarian's footsteps dwindled into the distance  the prison returned to silence once again. The calm was broken by a diminutive figure that stalked from the shadows.

"Yes, head further into my lair." The high pitched voice's sinister invitation hung in the air like a curse.

"I'll get you yet Bungo..."

Well that rounds out another chapter. Don't forget to check back in next Friday for another exciting tale from the Chronicle of Bungo.

In other Bungo related news, I've now started on a miniature of the man himself! So far things are going rather swimmingly.

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