Thursday, 26 September 2019

Steel Legion Mortar Teams (Anvil Industry Heavy Weapons)

More Steel Legion today - this time is my freshly finished mortar teams. I've had these guys for a while, but they were always lower down on my list of priorities. After adding up a few potential army lists, I realised that they'd be useful to have as an add on unit to fill those gaps where I was left with thirty or so points to spend.

They're pretty much 100% Anvil parts, so nothing to report on that front. Anvil supply heavy weapons teams with smaller bases than the GW ones; which means that you have the second crewmen on individual bases. I think I'd prefer a 60mm round base, but it does make marking wounds easier.

Style-wise, they match the rest of the army. Most of my guys are styled with very busy bases like they're in the thick of combat. I went with calmer more plain bases for the mortars as I envisage them always being out the back of the force providing support.


  1. Lovely job, really like the Mortars too

    1. Thanks Siph. Just posting the stuff I've got really! I recommend Anvil to everyone too for 3rd party bits. Always great quality, but their self-promotion sucks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. With so many finished units, the force is pretty big now - about 60 fully painted infantry models and counting.

  3. Great work Blazmo. The colors ... for want of a better phrase ... really jumps out from the blog photo. They look fantastic.

  4. I really do like those Anvil Mortars. They're my fave of their Heavy Weapons line. Great job showcasing them with the paint and basing work here!