Saturday, 1 October 2016

Genestealer Cult - Neophyte Hybrids, Unboxing

Well, it's been a busy few weeks for me, and for those who didn't realise, the blog has been running itself autonomously with a number of posts I prepared in advance!

Now I'm back on British soil again, it seemed the perfect time to hatch a new project - a skittering horde of mutant freaks. Stay tuned for more in the coming days, as I'll be building and painting them soon...

I always liked Genestealer Cult since the days in the mid 90s when I was just a kid with a pile of White Dwarf magazines and a rampant imagination. Thankfully, these days I'm not as broke as I was back then, so when they announced the new releases I figured I'd do a slow build on the force. As the first part I picked up a box of Neophytes today. I took some photos of the sprues to share with anyone interested. Suffice to say that the detail is really great on these; crisp, but more than anything really evocative of the background and little throwback nods to their old model range are a more than welcome addition.

There's a good spread of weapons - autoguns or shotguns for all the men, plus a flamer, grenade launcher and webber. For heavies, we get the new mining laser and seismic cannon, plus a good old fashioned heavy stubber. My favourite thing in the kit is the number of heads - I haven't counted, but I'm estimating 17ish, which for me is great as I am planning to add a few conversions to the force - starting with a Magus built from a battered plastic empire wizard I got from the bargain box at Marquee Models for 50p. Fingers crossed that one works out! (Watch this space...).

Anyway, enjoy the pictures (I've done both sides of the spues and a little close up on some of the heads)


  1. I agree! GW really has done a great work with these models!

    The Goliath shall fall into my hands...eventually

    1. Yeah, I'm loving the style so far on everything. The Goliath is particularly nice, but at the moment I'm trying to start small and paint what I've got. We'll see how that goes as I just undercoated them for painting today!