Monday, 19 September 2016

Sisters of Battle Exorcist Tank

Just for fun, I'm bringing you one of my older projects today - Namely this rather nice Exorcist that I converted for my old Sisters of Battle force.

It's basically the Immolator Tank with a few spare missiles that I got on eBay attached (I think they come from the Dark Eldar plane, not the Voidraven, the other one). The turret has also been reshaped and modified to allow for this. I then built some extra armour for the front using the spare doors from the Rhino sprues. All in all, I'm surprised how good it looks!


  1. That is a nice front armour upgrade. I'm gonna have to remember that if I ever decide to convert up some Repressors or something.

  2. Nice! I really dig how that turned out!