Friday, 2 September 2016

Behold - The Basilisk Tank!

Probably my favourite tank of all time in 40k. I still remember flipping through copies of White Dwarf as a kid and staring at the pictures and thinking "one day when I have enough money!". Needless to say years later when I started my Traitor Guard force it was an essential purchase. You still can't argue with the power of an Earthshaker Cannon either (basically a S9 Battle Cannon with indirect fire).

I also figured that it was probably time I shared some pictures of my Guard on here as I have alluded to playing them once or twice. Paint wise, they're one of my easier schemes as I have tried to keep it fairly simple. It seems to be important when you're painting an army that can be pretty horde like, as there are going to be so many men to get through that you don't want to be bogged down. The part that stands out for me is actually the silver of the gun-barrel as I think it looks very realistically metallic - like brushed steel. It was actually just dry-brushed round and round the barrel with darker to lighter metallic pants, but I really like how it came out. 

You really do need a lot of models to play them properly anyway, as having access to some fairly decent, but incredibly cheap infantry is a massive strength, purely for the number of wounds you can put on the field, as well as the number of bullets!

Theme wise the force if sort of Traitor Guard with a bit of Dark Mechanicus thrown in. I started them before there was an actual Adeptus Mechanicus range available, so it was an excuse to do a bit of conversion work about the place and have some fun with the force.


  1. Always loved the look of that arty. A squadron of three is a beautiful sight, unless they are against me.

  2. Dude, this is a chaos model! It should be covered in blood, pus, mutations and cocaine, respectively!

    Instead, it is shiny and beautifully painted ^^

  3. Lovely stuff, nice weathering on barrel too.

  4. Looking great. I actually don't have one of these for my own guard, might need to invest in one!

  5. Great work on it! I know what you mean about seeing one as a kid, I bought the three pack when Apoc first came out and painted them for my Traitor Guard as well (fitting I think!).