Thursday, 6 January 2022

2021 in review - I painted 387 models!

Despite a distinct lack of posting on the Blog, it's actually been an incredibly productive year for me. More than any year I can remember, I could completely track my progress as I finished my first oldhammer Bretonnian Knight on 4th January 2021. Throughout the year, I made a huge comeback to Warhamer Fantasy with multiple armies in the works and models both old and new on the painting table. What you see is the result of all this effort - with several sizeable forces at good levels of completion. 

I got everything together on one table for photos and I have to say, I honestly don't know if I should be proud or scared. One thing I will say, is that 2021 was the year I completely mastered batch painting - often producing full 20 man units over a few days. It was also a year with a lot of time on lock down, although as I work in an essential role, I was still working full time through the whole pandemic. Despite that, I still struggled to get everything in shot. I did take individual army photos, so I'll post the armies properly later, but here's some shots: 

I also built and painted all of the terrain too!

I actually wasn't sure what the final numbers would be like as it was easy to lose track. If I was guessing, I would have said 200 models, not 387. That's including dragons, chariots and anything sharing a single base as one model, so there was no fiddling the figures! 

To break things down in the count, here's the list, with a rough idea of the points value in 5th Edition Fantasy (without magic items):

Skaven: 95 models complete - around 1500 - 2000 points depending on characters included.

Empire: 57 models complete, about 1250 points

Vampire Counts: 80 models, around 1250 points complete

Bretonnia: 17 models

Lizardmen: 37 models, Over 800 points complete

Orcs and Goblins: 31 models, 600 points complete with some extra models. 

Dark Elves: 25 models, 500 points complete plus Black Dragon 

Nippon: 23 models, 500 point army complete

Beastmen (still work in progress): 12 models

Total: 377 models complete in 2021! 

Oh, and aside from Warhammer, I painted Megumin from Konosuba by Klukva miniatures which makes the actual total 378...


  1. Brilliant work man! I'm looking forward to breaking out the orcs for their first game this evening.

    1. It turns out that Bonebeater vs Drong was a bad match ... on the upside the Empire performed rather well

    2. We had a few swingy dice rolls there. Poor old Bonebeater probably should have badly wounded Drong, if not killed him outright. The ogres should have won that combat with the troll slayers too.

  2. After reading this post, Da Masta Cheef shuts off the internet and cries in his hobby desk chair...

    1. I wouldn't have thought this kind of progress was actually possible a few years ago - I actually hope people might find it inspirational- rather than depressing!

  3. Fantastic pace! I can only dream of.

    1. Yeah, I would've said it was impossible a few years ago. Maybe I should write an article about batch painting successfully?

  4. That's a fantastic total. Good for you! I'm pretty sure I'll top my total from last year i.e. zero XD :)