Sunday, 13 June 2021

Blood Dragon Vampire in 3d! (Soulblight Gravelords Blood Knight)


This is a first on the blog - miniatures in 3d! and you don't even need goggles to do it. I knew we'd get there one day. Finally something futuristic.

This is sort of a test post, and more photos will be coming in later. A month or two ago, I posted about re-doing my Lizardmen, and following on from that, I've been re-vamping (pause for laughter), my Vampire Counts. I have to admit that some of the new "Soulblight Gravelords" models are rather exquisite and I was ... transfixed... by the new Blood Knights. Blood Knights actually weren't a thing in my edition, but mounted vampires were as far as individual characters go. I'll probably be using this one as a Battle Standard Bearer when the time comes, although she might be a Count for now while the force gets off of the ground again. 

I will try and fine-tune the 3D image making process for better results in the future. I got a cheap spinning solar display stand on eBay and basically just put a backdrop up and quickly filmed the model, then converted to a Gif. There is room for improvement, but it's pretty cool. Hopefully it'll display properly on the blog!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I will take proper higher quality photos at some point, but for a test, I'm pretty happy with the gif. I should be able to get higher quality with a bit more effort.

  2. Awesome work. :)
    AS for myself, I never cease to be amazed by GW's new minis. I don't have the budget to get their new stuff but I tempted I can't lie.

    1. Yeah, a lot of the new stuff is really expensive! (Including these knights) - luckily I've had the rest of the army for about 20 years, so the overall cost of the project works out ok.