Monday, 27 February 2017

Squaduary - The End

Well, I finally finished my squad. Cheers to everyone who made it to the end with me.

I was doing so well in the beginning, with plenty of time to spare, but then the Dark Eldar came and messed everything up! Thankfully, I pushed through the pain this weekend and got these guys finished (and it was actual pain as well as figurative too thanks to the unexpected and rather miserable migraines I had).

The second batch in all their completeness 

I'm really happy to have these done though, and I hope to ship them off to the battlefield soon; fresh recruits for the meat-grinder of war. The Anvil Industry parts were like a dream to work with too and I'm happy with the unique look that I got. I used a lot of techniques to help me batch these guys and to get them ready within a reasonable time frame. If it weren't for all of the hobby distractions, I could've had them finished 2 weeks ago!

Just remember; no squad is complete without the Chainsaw Warrior!


  1. Brilliant stuff, great squad, I've been watching the progress as motivation for my own. Well done mate.

  2. These guys are looking great, have they made you decide to do an army of them, haha!