Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Dark Eldar Warrior Colour Scheme Test

I still haven't given up on my latest project (despite the aforementioned painting competition I need to be working on). I painted up this warrior as a test of not only the high-gloss red armor, but also the converted masked look that I'd gone for on the Warriors. I'm really happy with how it came out, but getting it that gloss was a bit of a stretch for the secret technique that I've been using!

The Valhallan Blizzard snow effect has been well worth it too; helping to add a bit of interest any dynamism to the bases without taking too long to pull off. I've also been using that old green wash technique that I developed for adding interest to statues to add a bit of mildewed greenery to the floor that certainly gives a better impression than those plain Goblin Green bases we used to do in the 90s (don't lie, if you were hobbling back then you did it too...)

If you missed the article about real world references and adding a bit of green in, you can find it here.

The mini looks good anyway, so enjoy the pictures. As always, I love the Wracks!


  1. Yeah, scheme looks great. I like the contrasting colours, the blue of the hair and the rich reds of the Armour with white accents and cloth.

  2. Not sure about the knee pad colour, it sticks out oddly to me.
    Loving the mask on the mini though.

  3. I am not a fan, but that is just me =P

  4. That glossy red is pretty, great combo with the creapy grill mask