Tuesday 9 July 2024

Armageddon Steel Legion Stormtroopers

A few photos to share today of the Stormtrooper squad I recently finished. I've never really been a fan of when they became "Scions" in later editions, and for Steel Legion, I always think of Stormtroopers like they used to be. The original metal models they made are long out of print, and although I hope to get hold of some one day,  I'm rather happy with this unit.

These guys are actually 3D prints. I'm not much into 3D printing and don't have the equipment myself, so I can't comment on how or why these came out so nicely - I just picked what I wanted, stuck them together and painted them. I really like the old style masks though. Design wise, they take quite a lot in terms of heads and guns from the old metals, but the armour is quite different and falls somewhere between the older models and the more recent Scions. 

I tried to emulate the older scheme which was quite heavy on the yellow - in the end, I had to pick out the trousers with black though as too much yellow didn't really seem to be working! Either way, it's pretty much a reversal of my original Steel Legion scheme where the yellow of the jackets is used for the armour and other colours remain pretty much unchanged. I used some additional Scion parts for the build and the arms of the sergeant and vox trooper are both just the Scion plastic bits. 

I've been working on a lot of other units recently, so may post some more if I find the time. I've been away for so long, there's probably more painted models in my collection now that should have been posted to the blog years ago than I ever got around to posting in the first place! 


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  1. These look brilliant man! Let's see if we can use them in a battle in the next few weeks.