Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Stormcast Gryph Hounds Finished

Keeping this week's Stormcast theme going, today I've got the Gryph Hounds from the start collecting box.

These are the smallest thing in the set, but are still mounted on Terminator size bases. I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the models at first, but they've really grown on me. For one, I love the dynamism and anatomy of the sculpts. I don't know who worked on them, but they feel like they were crafted with a real love for animals. In particular, I like the pose of the one on the left of my pictures wit the leopard spots on its back. It really looks sort of like a playful dog (albeit with a bird head).

I continued the animal pattern theme through by adding stripes and spots to them. Handily, they didn't take that long to paint, and after the airbrush basecoats were done, it wasn't too much to finish off the other details. It's always an advantage when your models are mostly one colour. Like the Palladore I posted yesterday, I highlighted their flesh to white to get a sort of sheen. I'm happy with the results.

With that, another unit is complete. I have one more thing to post for my Stormcast Eternals this week that I've been working on, so check back later if you've been enjoying these posts!