Friday, 16 March 2018

Monster March - Stormfiends/Kastelan Robots Week 2

Well, I'm on target to get these guys finished. I've completed all of the teal armour, and basecoated and washed the skin down. I also added a base coat to the base, so I've made a start on most of the areas. I added a few more parts to them too and finished the gap fill since my post last week.

I'm painting them as a batch together as there are a lot of mixed colours, and I can't be bothered to do it all twice! It is starting to feel like a bit of a strain though. I think I overdid it in February, so after I finish these two, it'll be time for a break from 40k for a while. There is a local painting competition coming up soon too, so maybe that'll give me a bit of a break from it all.

Just to prove that I'm making decent progress, I've painted their backs too! I really like the little brain rats on their backs, although I'm a little confused as to how they were supposed to fit in fantasy with brain rats that seem to have some type of psychic hoods on them on the models. I know Skaven always had a lot of technology, but really?

Anyway, that rounds out this week's progress. We're about half way there, and I'm probably over the half way mark, so things are looking pretty good.


  1. Fantastic progress and they look amazing! Well done and thanks a lot for a very inspiring update! Cheers!

  2. Great new additions! You actually made a rat army look cool. Respect sir! :)

  3. Looking really well, big fan of those. Seen them done before but I do think this is one of the better versions I have seen.

  4. These guys look fantastic, the fiend on the left looks really natural holding that plasma weapon and the colours are absolutely beautiful. Great job.