Saturday, 9 March 2019

Monster March - Week 1, Shadowsword

Following on from my pledge for Monster March, I've been hard at work painting my Shadowsword. This is pretty much where we're at after one week:

Despite looking almost finished to the casual observer, there's still a long way to go. Basically, progress so far was all done with the airbrush, so in terms of time spent, we're looking at maybe 2 hours of work.

The new thing I tried was masking the tracks off so I could spray them silver. I absolutely hate painting tracks with a brush, so I'm really happy that it worked out well.

Other than the airbrush work, I've started the painstaking process of washing all the rivets and gaps with Agrax. It takes a long time, but is well worth the effort, and it has already added a lot of depth to the model.

Once I finish that stage, it's on to highlighting and then the bodywork will be complete. Hopefully I can get that done by next week - giving me the remaining 2 weeks to do all the detail work!


  1. Striking scheme mate! The identification/designation colours really set the camouflage pattern off nicely, great contrast

    1. Thanks. I cant wait to get to the stage where I can start putting transfers on and stuff that'll pick the scheme up even more.

  2. That's really good airbrush work for camouflage. Very smooth, blended transitions. And as Siph said, quite a striking scheme!

  3. Looking hot! You could fry an egg on the hull.