Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Salamanders Land Speeder Storm

When I hatched the plan to make a fast attack based marine army it was based entirely around a pair of Land Speeder Storms with 2 units of scouts. A bit later on, the new codex came out and it became possible to take bikes as troops (if your leader is on a bike) and they became a bit less essential. Not that it mattered as one of the things I vowed when I started the army was that it was going to include as many units that Chaos can't field as possible (otherwise there'd be no point as I have a large Chaos force already!).

The problem with scouts has always been the really ugly head sculpts. With that in mind I went to work with a box of spare parts; replacing and variously helmeting them up to make them look a bit more appealing.

As someone who got into Salamanders during the Second Armageddon War campaign, I've never liked the "coal black" skin tone that was later given to Salamanders. I just hate the look aesthetically, so I went with a more old school tan on these guys. For most of the army I've gone with helmets to avoid the dilemma, but on scouts a few bare heads was unavoidable!

I'm quite happy with the flames on the front and the freehand "IV"s all over it.

For those who are wondering, no I didn't paint this separately. I built the whole thing, crew and all, glued it all together and painted it all as a single piece!

Some more Pictures of the army for those who missed them:

The Scout Squad in action against Ed's Night Lords

Look through the window ... a dastardly Night Lord!

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  1. Those look pretty nice. The freehand IVs look very crisp so well done on thise

    1. I'm always a bit scared of freehand, but numerals seem to be getting easier - it's all about keeping the lines as straight and clean as you can!

  2. Beautiful work on them! While I agree the scout sculpts are a bit outdated, the space marine helmets are a bit confusing, not normally seen on scouts. I do like the extra bits like the sniper though :-)
    That captain is amazing. Great work on the army!

  3. Thanks

    The helmets were kind of inspired by the Forgeworld Recon Marines that they do for Heresy.

  4. Your greens are just...inspiringly beautiful. So clean and well executed (like everything you do!). Thanks for sharing these green beauts!

    1. Thanks Greg!

      Your praise almost makes me feel guilty - they weren't that hard to paint! A black undercoat, 3 thin layers of warp stone green, a caliban green wash, a black wash in the recesses and then a moot green highlight. They're actually one of my easier schemes.

    2. "They're easy to paint"

      lists more then two paints.


    3. I know, right! *rolls eyes*

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