Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Infinity - Joan of Arc Ltd Edition Miniature

In an attempt to broaden my painting horizons I bought a copy of Angel Giraldez's "Paining Miniatures from A-Z Masterclass" about 6 months ago. The book came with this rather nice Joan of Arc miniature (the book also includes a painting guide - which as I didn't have an airbrush at the time I didn't use entirely for this paint job). I tried to capture some of the feel of his paintwork despite not having an airbrush at the time entirely with a paintbrush and good old fashioned regular techniques.

For those who don't know, Angel is the studio painter for infinity. He has an excellent style built up with a combination of airbrush and paintbrush - characterised by smooth blends and sharp highlights. It wasn't long after painting this model that I actually bought an airbrush so that I could take the technique further myself. The best part was that it turned out that our painting styles were quite compatible, so it was easy to incorporate some of Angel's style in to my own. I think I'll write a proper review for the book later, so I won't say any more now.

The miniature itself was a bit of an experimental piece, so I make no promises as to the actual quality of my work on it. It did inspire me to start playing Infinity though, so I suppose that is one hell of an endorsement for it. For those who don't know, the Infinity range (by Corvus Belli) are all entirely metal models (28mm scale), making them somewhat unique in today's market. The quality is really high too - with more of a focus on realistic proportions and fine components (particularly noticeable with guns) than the "Heroic" scale style of 40k.

Somewhere in the future a reincarnated electronic version of Joan of Arc squares off against a cyber-samurai ... this could definitely happen.

I've since gone on to use the airbrush and brush style found in Angel's book on a number of my own projects (some examples pictured below).

I'm still getting the hang of adding highlights to models in 28mm scale with an airbrush.

My Necrons are largely an adaptation of Angel's style used on 40k. Quick and easy too!

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