Friday, 15 July 2016

Bungo the Barbarian - Chapter 7

Work on another explosive miniature continues in earnest. I'm very happy with the way the paint work is coming along so far. 

Bungo the Barbarian - Chapter 7, Enter the Warrior.


The throne room was quiet; so very peaceful for such a long time now. The Derpo king sighed lethargically as yet another uneventful day slid by; continuing silently with his knitting. He was lazily daydreaming about making fortunes for his kingdom selling hand-made elasticated Derpo pants, when it happened.


Suddenly the colossal oak doors exploded inwards in a shower of wooden shrapnel. Bungo entered seconds later; riding the unconscious body of one of the huge Ogroid guards like a surf-board. He skidded to a blood curdling halt 10 feet into the chamber and leapt from the top of his unwilling mount; before landing with his hands on his hips. The colossal barbarian paused for a moment; pulling several unnecessary flexing manoeuvres for the benefit of nobody in particular.


The Derpo king was only sure of one thing; this didn’t bode well for his knitting enterprises.


  1. Looking good Blaz!

    Some comments (since you are still working).

    Make sure that blue is somewhere else. (I'm sure you know this). It's pulling most of your attention at the moment. Maybe some ice eyes to pull it back to the face, or dull the brightness of the sword with a glaze some. (also can have fun with some OSL on that sweet sweet base!).

    1. I think I'm gonna have to make the sword a bit duller - I started painting it with the idea of making it bright blue - like a cheesy magic sword, but it then became really really bright with successive highlights. I still need to keep at the blending though, so I can work it into that stage no problems (hopefully).

      I'm still not sure what to do with that axe though.