Thursday, 14 July 2016

Grot Deffkopta Squadron

The title pretty much says it all, and what the title doesn't say the pictures do. These Deffkoptas were actually the first thing I built for my all Grot army. They were surprisingly thrifty too from e-bay as the original models come from the Black Reach box, which at the time about 2 years ago meant that the models were quite abundant.

Conversion wise I basically removed the Ork pilots and replaced them with grot ones. The orks didn't want to let go though (they're actually melded into the seats). I managed to re-sculpt the seats again after a lot of hacking away at the raw plastic. Using the plastic runtherd kit it wasn't too hard to convert the grots so they looked like they were actually piloting the things (thank god for those stikkbomb arms!).

They've done me fairly proud on the tabletop too - it's hard to argue with 3 twin-linked rokkits flying about the place for a fairly low points cost.

Definitely my favourite moment was when the unit was reduced to a single kopta. I managed to knock 1 hull point off of a chimera with the rocket and then charged. With hammer or wrath I had just enough strength to glance the rear armour. I rolled the dice and what do you know; a pair of 6s. The chimera was wrecked and it was just laugh out loud funny. I seem to remember the game ended with the Kopta in combat with an imperial guard platoon command squad. After about 3 turns they were still swinging ineffectually at each other!

Does anyone remember that old PS1 game RC Stunt Copter? I had a demo of it and the only thing I can really remember was how uncontrollable the thing was (for some reason I seem to remember having to rotate the analogue stick constantly to go up or something). I never could get through the window in that barn!

Is anyone else thinking it might make a great new box game for GW? -  RC Grot Copter. The aim is to race around a course collecting as many mushrooms as possible while not crashing. Also there are weapons ... and maybe a few robots.


  1. They are very well made! :D You wouldn't know they are not the actual deal

    +1 for the co-pilots.

    1. Thanks. I though they needed the co-pilots - nobody would believe that a single Grot could be Toughness 5 with 2 wounds!