Wednesday 3 August 2016

Raging Heroes TGG2 Freebies Unboxing First Look

Well, something exciting turned up yesterday; that's right I'm talking about my first shipment from Raging Heroes!

In this article, I'm taking a preliminary look at what's in the box and talking about the TGG2 Campaign so far. I'll be taking a closer look at the miniatures in future posts, but I've taken a few sample photos to get things started.

For those who don't know already, Raging Heroes are a French manufacturer who specialise in making female miniatures for use in various game systems. The TGG2 (Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2) is a kickstarter campaign that they have been running for a set of new armies that are being launched soon. They're mostly to be used as proxies, although I hear that they have a game of their own in the works. They have a few ranges available currently and it's well worth checking out their official website if you're interested as there are some real gems on there (link below).

With the intro finished, let's take a closer look. One thing really struck me when this box arrived - that this is one small box! I had to take a photo of it next to a coffee mug just so you could see how small we're talking! (also it seemed to be a good excuse to try out the free coaster)

It's worth noting that the box contained all 15 Freebies, as well as 3 heroine (character) models that I had ordered with my actual pledge money. For the uninitiated, the freebies are exactly as they sound; free gifts for those who pledge a certain amount of money to the campaign. In this case they are a set of high detail resin character models and a few mascots. I think the threshold was about £100 in English money to get them for free. As I was pledging to get hold of a rather nice Avatar of Shaah (not sure if that is the correct spelling), it wasn't much of a stretch.

Babymetal mug not included with pledge ... and yes my favourite drink is always a fruity red-tea supped straight from the head of Moa-Metal.

The package comes with a number of extras - notably a joke drink mat/coaster thingie and some instructions on how to take care of the resin. They actually recommend airing the miniatures for a few days and then giving them a good clean to get rid of the release agent - serious stuff, but worth it for the best results!

There were also a lot of individually packed little resin people in there too...

In addition to the boring stuff, I also managed to take a few pictures of some of the miniatures contained in the box to wet your appetite. Pictured above and below is Sister Trematta, who I bought purely because I really liked the sculpt. It is worth noting that I haven't cleaned up any of the miniatures at all in these pictures as this is just a preliminary look at some of the goodies.

I turned up the contrast a bit in the next few shots to bring out the detail a bit more. The resin is surprisingly dark for these miniatures, but the detail is really good. The mini below is a "Scout" and can be armed with a sword and either crossbow or handgun. The detail on the armour really blew me away - some really crisp features here, and I can't wait to get some paint on her!

I've just realised that I forgot to put her sword in the shot!

I also took a few pictures of "Liligrith" below. I just wanted to show off the details on her boots and leg armour. The sculpting quality really is incredibly high on these, although my favourite part was still the price! (both of these awesome models were freebies!)

Finally, one more for the road

These are just a few of the miniatures that I got, but as I still have to clean them all up and get them in bases, they will have to wait for another day. Stay tuned for the next post, where I'll be having another look at the freebies and maybe getting started on some paint!


  1. Howdy! Just discovered this "blog that no one reads" and I like it! Those raging heroes models are awesome! And so is the design on this site. Nice work!

  2. Thanks. I'll be doing more Raging Heroes posts soon, so if you like them then check back in later!

  3. I actually usually do let my Resin Models air for a few days before I wash them. Not because I'm super-fastidious with my prep, but just because it takes me a couple of days to get around to basically anything ;)

    Liligrith's hair is also great. Excellent sculpting and casting there.

    1. I normally let my plastics air too ... for a few years as it takes me so long to paint them ... ahem ... I mean to improve the quality....

      I've actually set that Scout up in a base now, so hopefully I'll get some time to paint her over the weekend.

  4. Hi Blazmo, just received my first shipment of Raging Heroes KS, wanted to ask, apart of all the things you showed us in the review, did you receive any detail of your order inside the box? Like a checklist of what was sent or something like that?

    1. I can't find it now, but I think it came with a shipping manifest thing that had a list of what was in the box. It didn't have the details of the rest of my order on it - like the stuff that wasn't in the shipment itself. Hope that helps, if not you'll have to email them.

    2. Thanks Blazmo, are you sure that it came with your order? Because in mine i didnt receive it, i receive some list of what was in this shipment in my mail though.

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