Tuesday, 30 August 2016

PanOceania Seraph and Auxbot - Plus Group Shots!

To finish-off my PanOceania faction for the moment I've painted up my Seraph's Auxbot. Not only did it come out quite well for just an hour or so of work (I'd basecoated it with the airbrush already), but it also means I can also legally use the Seraph now!

I was so excited to finish them off that I decided to take a few group shots to celebrate.


  1. Such a stunning army Blazmo. Everything is just gorgeous. Love the little details on the bases too! Well done buddy! Well done!

    1. Thanks Greg. I actually did struggle with the style of the bases a bit - I'm used to 40k where everything is normally a blasted wasteland - for infinity I tried to make them a bit more "urban" with drinks cans and street markings. I'm glad you liked them.

  2. Wow. They look amazing. Even for inferior to the Combined Army, Pan-O. If you would ever like to write for the Golden D6, please get in contact with me!