Monday, 6 March 2017

Converted Reaver Jetbikes

Continuing on with the Start Collecting set, I've built these 3 jet bikes. In keeping with the rest of the force, I wanted to keep the sinister feel going and my brother had mentioned the idea of arming them with some of the spare spear polls from the raider. I built the first one and liked it so much that I built the other two the same way. I did have to do a bit of conversion for the third one, as the spear was a trophy spike with a bunch of skulls on it. I swapped the end for a skaven spear head (I really like plastic glue for this kind of thing as it gives a lot of strength) which seems to have worked well.

Needless to say, I went with the helmed heads, as not only are the cool, but masks are a key theme of the Haemonculus stuff, so it was an easy choice. I did think of saving them to use on another unit down the line, but in the end I couldn't help but use them.

I haven't glued them in the flight stands; as I want to be able to paint them. These last 2 pictures show them with some airbrushed basecoat layers in grey/white. I'm planning to use white on some parts of the bikes, and white and black are both much easier to paint with the help of the airbrush as it lets you lay down a very smooth coat of paint, not only allowing for a subtle blended look, but also avoiding some of the problems with the inherent claginess of most white paints.

Well, that about rounds out everything in the box set. I guess I'd better get to work actually painting some of it!


  1. Nice work! Simple but effective conversions like this really help make a force look unique.

  2. Always love these jet bikes..except when my buddy uses what feels like 18 of them against me!

  3. Simple, but effective. They are certainly good to skewer fools with.

  4. I don't want Dark Eldar, I don't want Dark Eldar, I don't want Dark Eldar, I don't want Dark Eldar...