Thursday, 8 September 2016

Behold - The Chimera Tank(s)

After Sharing my infantry with you all I thought it would only be appropriate to share their rides. I've done 2 Chimeras for the force so far. Luckily I had a few Chaos bits about the place to suitably pimp them out in.

Like most people I use them as a barely mobile heavy weapons platform. The armour 12 doesn't hurt either, and they're one of those units that I tend to use to get the job done once I've finished firing the choicer things - soften up those targets with a punishing artillery volley and then splatter what's left with wildly inaccurate, but unnecessarily punishing Multi-Laser and Heavy Bolter fire. The Heavy Stubber is always a good choice too; cheap and with a good range it almost always pays for itself and then some (plus 9 shots from a transport is rather wince inducing for most opponents - except for Eldar!
You can see I've used an evil summoning circle to bring you these tanks again. It just looks so scenic!

The second tank, sadly without the mighty stubber - let it never be said I wasn't known for my sportsmanship!


  1. Such a gorgeous chimera! Awesome work Blazmo!

  2. I really like the coaxial look instead of the usual pintle-mount. Excellent work.

  3. Fantastic work on them. I like the coax stubber too, looks way cooler. I only have one Chimera for my traitor guard and think it is a much better tank than the marine Rhino so will need to get more once I get back to them.