Sunday, 3 April 2016

40k Pickup Lines

So, with London's Salute just around the corner (and probably a lot of other events worldwide) I thought it would be the perfect time to work on my 40k pickup lines in the event I should meet an elusive girl-nerd. Ok, so this is really just for fun. Leave a comment below if any of these actually work, or you think of any new ones (or in that one in a million chance that a girl reads these and thinks that they would work .... or swoons uncontrollably).

  1. I'm glad you're not a Space Marine, because I've been looking for someone to receive MY geneseed!
  2. Get ready, 'cos my Mandrake is gonna infiltrate your deployment zone.
  3. Mind if I power fist your pink horror?
  4. Do you want to see my Old One Eye? I've been told it's quite the work of art....
  5. I'm going to penetrate your Devil Fish with my Volcano Cannon!
  6. I'd like to fly my Battle-Barge through your Eye of Terror!
  7. You give my Breacher Squad Hardened Armour ... If you know what I mean....
  8. One look at you and I think I've discovered something harder than Ceramite.
  9. Would it be bold to ask if my Imperial Fist could enter your battlefield?
  10. I'm going to have to change my unit profile to "gets hot" every time you're in the room.

Let's not leave the ladies out though - they're going to need the right lines to snare that special nerd:

  1. I only play Ogre Kingdoms, because I'm a woman who appreciates a LARGE man.
  2. I'd like to get a closer look at your Mega Armoured Nob some time....
  3. Your name must be Basilisk - because I can tell you're packing a considerable weapon!
  4. We should start a joint project - how would you like to make a Thousand Sons?
  5. Try not to have a Deep Strike mishap this time...
  6. You must be a Dryad - because that's some serious wood!

I'm almost certain those lines will work....

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  2. I can only assume that poor Hudson here was overcome by these lines to the degree that they actually posted their phone number .... before thinking better of it.