Thursday, 31 March 2016

BABYMETAL Vs 40K Fox Day Spectacular - Part 1

In the blue corner weighing in at several million tons of plastic; the game that keeps on growing, with a 30 year pedigree it's ........... 40k (applause sound effects please). In the red corner a trio of teenage Japanese girls backed by some serious metal madness .... BABYMETAL (wooooooooooooooooot)

This article was NOT the result of boredom at work ...

Let the battle for the souls of all nerds commence!
I'll be judging our competitors across 4 categories decided by a panel of my peers (as I have no peers I did it myself! - take that democracy). Our categories will be:
  1. Immersion - I'm looking for a backstory, history and something to get your teeth into. I'm also including lyrical content
  2. Value for Money - Costs and benefits (Eliciting gasps of horror from 40k fans worldwide)
  3. Fun Factor - How much enjoyment does it provide - cheap thrills or the long-haul?
  4. Design - Minis vs. Stage costumes - the deadly battle ensues

Factor 1 - Immersion

40k - It's no secret that 40k has a rich and varied history. If you've ever read through the fluff in your codex it's evident. The wealth of books available is also impressive, with some great reads like the Night Lords novels by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, or some slightly less inspired offerings like ... well anything by Nick Kyme.

We're also looking at decades of work here, although you can't entirely discount all of the things that they ripped-off of other sci-fi franchises - especially in the beginning. Still, 40k is going to be hard to beat on this challenge.

ADB we salute you - Night Lords Forever!

BABYMETAL - It's surprising for a band to have a backstory, but Babymetal do, so let's take a look. Babymetal attribute their success to The Fox God; an enigmatic entity of unknown origin who apparently loves to rock out (just like the God-Emperor of mankind ... probably). He also seems to be marshalling a resistance against bad music, which is laudable (a bit like the Horus heresy - if Horus was Justin Bieber).

Lyrically (although most of it is in Japanese) I'll use a short but hilarious sample of an English translation:

Check-it-out chocolate. I can have a bit of chocolate, can’t I?
But my weight worries me a bit these days.
However, chocolate. I can have a bit of chocolate, can’t I?
But wait a while! Wait a while! Wait! Wait! Wait!

I'm fairly sure they've hit on what everyone was really thinking during most metal songs here....

Probably the last thing Justin Bieber will ever see....

Factor 1 Verdict -  40k Wins

It was a hard challenge from the beginning, but the only vote was cast and the results are in (after several recounts and much bickering by the judges).

Total Score
40k - 1

Factor 2 - Value for Money

40k - This is gonna be hard fought tooth and nail. I actually think 40k isn't bad value from money - if you take your time and do it properly, just painting your minis can take upwards of 3 hours a man. If you consider this a 10 man tactical squad for £20ish doesn't seem bad as you're looking at 30 hours to get them on the table before you even play a game.

There is one undeniable thing though - GW are profiteering monsters. I'm gonna go for the low blow here and pick an example of what may be the worst priced piece of crap in all of Warhammer's history:

£16? owww my wallet hurts!

BABYMETAL - You can buy their CD on Amazon right now for £5.99. I mean that's like incredibly cheap and it's a physical copy. A CD that'll last years, hell a whole lifetime with the right treatment, or a third of a sheet of transfers. I'm pretty sure it's a no-brainer here!

It's also nice to see a Japanese band that you can actually buy CDs etc for overseas (as opposed to importing from places like CD Japan).

Factor 2 Verdict -  BABYMETAL Win

It was a hard challenge from the beginning, but this time for 40k. I still do stand by it as being of reasonable value for a hobby (as long as you don't buy a swarm of titans or anything).

Total Score
40k - 1

It's a tie so far. Tune back in for part 2 where we'll be looking at the final 2 factors and possibly crowning a champion!

The battle begins ... with style

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